Children’s Bibles that we LOVE

15 Sep

I remember the quest to find a children’s Bible when John Martin was about 6 months old. WOW! So many choices! We stumbled upon a GREAT one, The Big Picture Story Bible, at the time, and we’ve stumbled upon 3 other great ones. I wrote all of the information for a college friend, and thought to myself, “I should post this on my blog to share with others.”  Again, I remember how hard the decision was when we were searching, and we couldn’t find anyone to suggest one for us. So, if you’re like we were, I’m writing this note just for you! These 4 Bibles have TRULY impacted our family and our sons’ lives. We are GRATEFUL for that and just HAD to share!!!

The Big Picture Story Bible (Book with CD)
It gives you the “BIG PICTURE” of God’s story, His plan of redemption from the very beginning, with Christ Himself shown as God’s plan! It doesn’t have every Bible story, but it highlights those that show His BIG PICTURE plan. We are using this now with our youngest (2 1/2 years old). Our “big boys,” who are 5 and 7, still enjoy hearing it as well. They now have an accompanying CD with it. We LOVE having the Bible on CD for our boys! We let them listen to it during rest time. Suggested ages: Perfect for babies and up.

The Jesus Storybook Bible
Okay…it’s AMAZING! I LOVE reading it myself. Oh, and I love reading it to my boys, too. It talks of Jesus being our RESCUER and it builds on that theme throughout every story. It’s like the BIG PICTURE STORY BIBLE in that it gives the BIG PICTURE of God’s redemption plan. It wonderfully highlights the gospel; I almost cry my eyes out when reading it. We got this right before our oldest son turned 3, and we have used it frequently with him and our second son. This is a great option for 3 and up. They also have a new curriculum that goes with it, The Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum Kit Handouts, New Testament. I’ve not used it, but if it’s anything like the Bible, it is excellent. In our church plant, we have also recommended it for those who have come to faith later in life and are needing an overview of the story of the Bible. Suggested ages: 3 and up
The Word & Song Bible
After reading Noel Piper’s book, Treasuring God in Our Traditions (which is a WONDERFUL book on instilling traditions within your family that evidence to our kids that we treasure JESUS!), she talked about how their family had “Bible time” with their daughter from an early age. When she couldn’t read, she would use the Bible with read-a-long tapes. They wanted to instill in their kids from early on the importance of daily time in God’s Word. I LOVED that idea,  so, I was on a MAD SEARCH for THREE years to find a kids Bible with CD or tapes that our boys could use to “read-a-long.” A friend told us about The Word & Song Bible. This Bible has a summary and song about each book of the Bible, and the audio is on the CD so that our boys can follow along! The readings are dramatized, so it’s FUN and action-packed–not like an adult “book-on-tape.” Our boys are auditory learners, so they SOAKED this up. Our oldest, at age 3 when we first got this, would walk around quoting different “stories” from the books, impersonating the characters, and singing the songs. The BUMMER is that this is out of print. However, I’ve linked it above to some used copies on Amazon. Definitely buy the cds or tapes! Suggested ages: The Bible is probably more for school age kiddos, but the audio component can be used at any age.

The Child’s Story Bible
Two dear friends, both unsolicited, recommended this Bible to me on the same day. I thought, “Hmm, I should check it out.” I’m thankful that I did! At the time, our oldest son was almost 6, and we were looking for a Children’s Bible that included more of the Bible’s content in a storybook format. We enjoyed with him the previous Bibles mentioned, but we were ready for the “next level.” This Bible does just that. It goes into greater depth and detail with stories that are often omitted in children’s Bibles. I appreciate that about it, and it does so in a manner appropriate for children. My boys have now been introduced to the stories of Achan, Rahab, Eli’s sons, Hophni and Phineas, some of the “lesser known” Bible characters. However these stories have resonated with them and given our family wonderful fodder for conversations about God, obedience to God, the reality of sin, and our need for Christ. We enjoy reading it together at breakfast for what our boys call “Bible time.” 🙂 Suggested ages: 4 and up.

I hope these are helpful resources as you seek to teach your children to know and love God!

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