Cycle 1 Week 7: Science, Latin, History Statement helps & resources

31 Oct

Here are some resources for Week 7. Hope they’re helpful! 🙂 Enjoy! If you missed my Ancient India resources from earlier in the week, you’ll find them here.

Science-How Do Animals Reproduce?
I made the file below and we used them in class as “flashcards.” As we sang the song, 4 children were in the front of the class, and they would hold up the appropriate flashcard. This could easily be done at home. 🙂 I cut out the pictures and mounted them on construction paper for durability. In class we sang “How do animals reproduce?” to the tune of “Happy Birthday.”

Download the Animal Reproduction Flashcards

Here’s a GREAT power point by Crecia at CCing it One Day At a Time. She created a “guessing game” showing different animals, and the children have to guess which form of reproduction they used. On one slide and the following slide shows which form of Animal Reproduction used. AND…it’s kid-friendly, which is always a plus when we’re dealing with the topic of reproduction and talking with our children. 🙂

A Nest Full of Eggs: Let’s Read and Find Out Science series (Priscilla Belz Jenkins): I got this book at a used bookstore and have been wanting a good excuse to use it. 🙂 I LOVE this series of science-focused books! As we continue through Science this year, I’m sure there’s a corresponding book for each week’s New Grammar. It would definitely be worth researching. 🙂 We have From Seed to Pumpkin that we’re going to use in a few weeks as we delve more into seeds and plants. 🙂

This is a fun You Tube video of a chicken hatching. Here’s another You Tube of a baby Robin hatching from its egg. This would be a great one to view after reading “A Nest Full of Eggs” since the Robin is the featured bird in the book. 🙂

History Statement
For my Abecedarians this week, I used hand motions for our History Statement since it was a rather long one. 🙂 Most of the hand motions we had already used learning our Timeline. I love when the hand motions repeat, and the children are able to see that the History Statement is also a part of the Timeline! Here are the hand motions I used:

Hinduism: Sign from Timeline song for “Hinduisum”

Founded: Sign from Timeline song for “Founded”

One: hold up 1 finger

Divided: Sign from Timeline song for “Divided”

 Castes: Pretend to have a broken arm with a CAST

Founded: Sign from Timeline song for “Founded”

Buddhism: ASL sign for letter B

Siddartha: Hold hands like praying

Enlightened One: hold up 1 finger

I have continued making the Latin picture pronunciation worksheets for my Abecedarians. I feel like this helps them with pronunciation and also helps my visual learners (like myself!). Click here to download the Latin 3rd Declension Pronunciation Guide Here are pictures of what they look like:

Latin 3rd Declension Singular

Latin 3rd Declension PluralYou can put these in page protectors and have the children trace the letters. Or, you can cut them up and have them match which Noun Case they correspond to. (Nominative: Singular-Various, Plural-es, etc.)


3 Responses to “Cycle 1 Week 7: Science, Latin, History Statement helps & resources”

  1. Lydia November 1, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    Hey Suzanne! I met you in the Abecedarians Crieve Hall group when you visited. Nicole linked us to your blog because of all your awesome resources~:-) I LOVE the Latin forms you put together, as that has been really hard for us to figure out! Do you have 2nd declension picture sheets to share??? Oooh, or 4th declension? Thanks for all your help!

    • Suzanne Shares November 1, 2012 at 9:40 pm #

      Hey Lydia! 🙂 Yes, I remember you! 🙂 Glad to hear that my blog has been helpful. 🙂 I have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd declensions done (we’re several weeks behind you guys). I would love to email them to you. 🙂 I can easily email them to you. 🙂 can you email me at
      suzanneshares AT gmail DOT com ? then, i’ll reply with the files. 🙂 thanks for reading and for commenting. 🙂


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    […] you can go here to see the 3rd Declension Pronunciation Sheet that I used last semester. I printed these off […]

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