Zax Mail Club–free food for ADULTS!

7 Dec

Zaxby's Kidz ClubI wrote a post a couple of months ago about the Zax Kidz Club and how much we LOVE it! If you haven’t signed your kids up for it yet, stop everything, go read the post and sign them up! 🙂 We just got Son #3’s (our December baby!) free birthday kids meal this week. 🙂 Thanks, Zaxby’s!

If you’re an adult and you love Zaxby’s, I have good news! There’s an “Adult Club” of sorts from Zaxby’s. It’s called the “Zax Mail Club.” All that you need to join is an email address. 🙂 By signing up, you get a coupon emailed to you for one FREE meal deal, and they’ll send you a coupon for a free Nibble sandwich on your birthday! Thanks to my friend, Mandy for telling me about this! 🙂

So, go sign up for the Zax Kidz Club and the Zax Mail Club and enjoy some free, YUMMY Zaxby’s!

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