Scotch Laminator-$16.99 @ Amazon!!! (today only)

14 Dec

I had a friend ask me about the laminator that I use at home. I told her about this beauty here from Scotch. I also told her that Amazon usually has it very cheap at random times throughout the year. I snagged this laminator from Amazon during one of those occasions, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

If you’ve been wanting a laminator to use at home, today’s your lucky day! It’s on sale today at  Amazon for $16.99! This is an excellent price and the cheapest I’ve ever seen it! No need to pay the $80 list price on Amazon.

I love having a laminator at home because…

1) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle–Laminating many of our games/papers and such for school make them more durable. If there are school things that I know I’ll use again, I laminate those bad boys! Instead of just using them for ONE of my sons, I can use them for all 3 since they’re laminated.

2) Wax on, Wax OffDo you know that by laminating a sheet of paper, you can write on it with a washable marker or dry erase marker and then erase it? I have loved these Preschool Packs from 1+1+1=1. I found them a couple of years ago and both son #1 and son #2 have used them. I’m saving them now for son #3; he can probably tackle them next year. How was I able to save them for all 3 sons to use? By laminating them! Many of the activities in the Preschool Packs involve tracing and writing. By laminating them, my boys could use a dry erase or washable marker, do the activity, “wax on, wax off” and do the activity again. This has saved me MUCH money in printer ink and paper! (Did you love my Karate Kid reference, by the way?!?!)

Other money saving tipThe cheapest place that I’ve found to purchase the Laminating Pouches is Sam’s–about $20 for 200 sheets. No Sam’s nearby? You can buy these from Amazon–$12.33 for 100 sheets–which is still a good deal.

Now go buy yourself a laminator! You’ll love it! I promise! Excited to SHARE this great deal and product with you today!:) By purchasing it through my link above, a portion of the sales will go to support my site; thanks in advance!


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