Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

22 Dec


One of my faithful readers, Lisa, told me about a Christmas Scavenger Hunt that she’d found over at Layers of Learning. She had used it with her family on a recent out-of-town. Her family was in two vehicles for the excursion. Each car had a copy of the list, and they had a competition between the two vehicles en route to the destination. Whichever vehicle had the most checked off the list when they arrived were dubbed CHAMPIONS!

I LOVED this idea because we will be keeping the roads hot during the Christmas holidays. I’m always looking for new traditions to incorporate into our family, and I thought the Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt would be a good one. We will only be taking 1 vehicle, so I brainstormed different ways to use these with our family. Alas, a wonderful epiphany! Why not have a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt involving the whole family? The alternative is to watch more and more and more TV. You know what I’m talking about! 🙂 Don’t you just love those moments over the holidays when everyone’s circled around the TV for the 3rd day in a row, just sitting, turning into the largest couch potatoes imaginable?!?!?  I don’t think my kids will remember anything about the 100th episode of Power Rangers viewed the day after Christmas. Fun, hilarious moments from a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt, yes, these are the memories that they will keep with them for a lifetime.

We’ve been at my in-laws the last several days, and this was the test run for the Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt. Would it be fun? Would it be memorable, family-bonding time? After all, what bonds a family more than COMPETITION!?!!?!? Well, after our Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt last night, I must say that this is definitely a FUN tradition that our family will carry on for years to come! We had SO MUCH FUN–from the youngest to oldest family member! Next week when we’re at my parents, we’ll introduce it to my side of the family. So here’s what we did…

How to have your own Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt:

IMG_74441) Print the Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt sheet from Layers of Learning. I printed 3 copies of the document so that I would have enough for several teams. I even laminated mine with my favorite laminator so that we can use them year after year after year. Because I’m petrified of my children using dry erase markers in our van, I tracked down some WASHABLE dry erase markers at Wal-Mart for only $3.97! GLORIOUS! Thank you Crayola for making these! Here are some  other WASHABLE ones by Expo that are currently half price at Amazon!

2) Divide and Conquer.  There were 8 total people when we played last night, so I got a sheet of paper and wrote “1” four times and “2” four times. Everyone drew a number and filed into Team 1 and Team 2. At this point, the trash talkin’ commenced. Who says a little friendly competition isn’t good for you?!!?

3) Establish the Rules and Time Limit. The only rules that we established were that no one was to get out of the car and no “law breaking” to win (i.e. speeding, passing on a double yellow line, etc.). We set a 45 minute time limit for our game (which was perfect!). For each minute that you were late, you deducted one item off your Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt list. 1, 2, 3, and we were off!

IMG_7443The victors of the 2013 Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt. I’m sure they somehow cheated (My team didn’t win; I’m not bitter or anything!). The fun was too much for sons #2 and #3 who fell asleep during the Scavenger Hunt.

Have fun making memories with your family this Christmas!!


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