Pampered Chef Favorite #5: Core & (oh-so-much) More

21 Jan

I’m hosting an online Pampered Chef party for one more week (through 1/28). To celebrate, I’m featuring some of my favorite Pampered Chef items here on Suzanne Shares. Missed previous posts? Read all of them here.

My 3-always hungry-eat every 30 minutes-their mom fixes food for them all day-sons have benefited greatly from the Pampered Chef products that are in the Mosley kitchen. They love when it’s kiwi and strawberry season thanks to the Egg Slicer Plus, which, by the way, I never use for eggs. (So, you don’t have to use it for eggs either. Egg haters unite!) My neighbor, Aimee, the fabulous Pampered Chef consultant who is helping me host this fabulous Pampered Chef Online party told me about another Pampered Chef treasure that’s made my “Favorites” list! It’s the Core and More (item #1176), and you need it in your kitchen, blog readers….no joke!

Of course, you can use the circle end to make beautiful cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew balls. Those are always beautiful and perfect (and yummy!) for a wedding or bridal shower. My friend Annie Laurie, also, clued me in that you can use the circular end to remove the core of an apple or pear after it’s sliced in half (glorious!) Those are wonderful uses for this Pampered Chef treasure, BUT neither are my favorite use for this tool. Does anyone have a guess as to my favorite use?!?!!?

If you guessed capping strawberries, you’d be correct! Aimee taught me this great trick with the Core & More. You can cap the strawberry in 2 seconds flat, and it allows you to have more strawberry to eat and enjoy! Before the Core & More came into my life kitchen, I would cut off what seemed to be half of the strawberry in order to get rid of the leaves. So, in essence I was throwing half of each strawberry away, and with 3 boys who need every bit of caloric intake I can offer, the Core & More has been a great help! Now, I cap all of them quickly, and then I slice them up with my Egg Slicer Plus! We have a bowl full of strawberries prepped and ready to be eaten at all times. (And I really love storing them in this Pampered Chef glass container! 🙂

So, if your home is filled with strawberry fanatics, you need to add the Core & More (and the Egg Slicer Plus…for slicing!) to your Shopping Cart now. You’ll thank me later,  I promise!

To participate in my show, shop online here. You’ll need to search for my name (last name Mosley) and click through to order. Thanks to my fabulous neighbor, Aimee Howell, wonderful Pampered Chef consultant for allowing me to host a party! And…no worries if you don’t live anywhere near me! When you order online, you can have it shipped directly to your door! Oh, how I love shopping online. 🙂


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