Fine Arts: Bach, Handel and Mozart (Cycle 1, Weeks 19-24)

21 Feb

Can you tell that I love children’s literature?!?!? I love, love, love reading with my boys. There’s nothing like piling on the couch and snuggling up together with a good book! Here are some books that I’ve been using to get ready for Weeks 19-24 Fine Arts. I hope they’ll be helpful as you prepare for class or curl up on the couch with your kiddos!

The Story of the Orchestra (Robert Levine)- This is a great book/CD combo that goes through the instruments of the orchestra, a list of composers and the different periods within the history of music. This book is geared towards and designed for children. The illustrations are fun, the information is accessible for children, and it is a great introduction to the orchestra for young children. If you’re a parent and want to delve deeper into this 6 weeks of Fine Arts, I would track this book down. You’ll probably learn as much as your children!

Classical Kids: Mr. Bach Comes to Call-This is a delightful audiobook that introduces your child to Bach and his music. In the story, Bach, literally, appears in the little girl’s house. They dialog, and he introduces his music to her. It’s a great little dramatized cd! My boys listen to audiobooks during rest time in the afternoons, so I can’t wait for them to listen to this. I listened to it all the way home from the library; my goal was to just test it out and see what it was like. I was so engaged that I forgot to turn it off! ha! This series also has these titles for our other composers this cycle: Classical Kids: Hallelujah Handel! Mozart’s Magic Fantasy: A Journey Through ‘The Magic Flute’ (this focuses solely on Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute), Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage (this focuses on an array of Mozart’s work).

The World of Composers (Greta Cencetti): This series has books for each of this cycle’s 3 composers: Handel, Mozart and Bach. These are geared towards upper elementary age, but they were helpful to me as I prepare as a tutor. Yes, you can laugh, I need the kid-versions. 🙂

Mozart-These were some of my favorites about Mozart. 🙂 Did you know that Mozart was homeschooled? His dad taught he and his sister at home. 🙂 That was an inspiring fact to read!

Enjoy these 6 weeks of Baroque and Classical period composers!


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