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FREE Lego Star Wars event @ Toys R Us tomorrow

3 May

With three boys around the Mosley home, Star Wars is a favorite. Lego Star Wars are even MORE of a favorite! I was excited to get an email this week about a FREE Lego Star Wars event at Toys R Us this weekend!  Who can ever argue with FREE Legos?!?! We’ve been to the free Lego events at Toys R Us in the past, and they’ve been a hit with our sons. Each child gets the set to build, and he/she is able to build it in the store. There is a Toys R Us employee there to offer assistance if you have trouble getting it assembled (does that sound like I speak from experience?!?!?)


The FREE Lego Star Wars event is tomorrow, May 4, from Noon-2pm. Each child will have the chance to build an exclusive mini-version of Jek-14’s Stealth Starfighter, which is featured in The Yoda Chronicles on Cartoon Network airing later this month.

If you plan to attend, I recommend calling your local Toys R Us to make sure that they are participating location. I would also recommend going as close to Noon as possible. Each participating store will have a limited number of the Lego Star Wars freebies, so the sets are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Looks like we have a rainy Saturday ahead of us, so hoping the force will be with us to guide us to Toys R Us. 🙂 Have a great weekend!



Thoughts on Psalm 127:3 (a guest post)

3 May


Danielle’s kiddos. Yes, they do their own stunts. Love these kids!

I shared my friend Danielle’s Facebook status last week because it was oh-so-good. As she and I texted back and forth that day, she jokingly said, “I should write a book.” I told her that I totally agreed. I asked her, in the meantime, if she could hold off on book writing and write a blog post for me. 🙂 Her statement and reference to Psalm 127:3 had given me pause and sent me into a reflective mode. I wanted to hear her further reflections on the verse, and she kindly agreed. Thank you, Danielle, for your wisdom, challenge and encouragement all centered around God’s Word. Enjoy her reflections now…

Jana’s beautiful family. (Used with permission from Jana Fowler.)

It all started with a tweet. I was scanning through my twitter feed when a single tweet caught my eye. My sweet friend, Jana, a mom of 3 beautiful girls and wife of a Nashville church planter posted this…

When people say things like “I don’t know how you get out the door in the morning” that isn’t very encouraging.

This tweet was so disturbing to me. I had so many thoughts like…How dare someone say that to a young mom!? Why would anyone make such an awful and discouraging comment? I prayed the Lord would help me to counter this response and then posted this on Facebook in response to the woman who said this…

If you see a young mama today please encourage her. Don’t say things like, “I am not sure how you get out the door every day” or “I can’t imagine how hard your life must be.” Help her carry her bags, buy her a Starbucks, encourage her and let her know that she is doing one of the best things possible…raising her babies.” Psalm 127:3

I think that our response to mamas with little ones is two fold.

One, we are life givers or life takers with our words. With a simple passing comment, we can breathe life into someone who is laboring hard to raise children, or we can cut them to the core. Sure, life with young kids is difficult. I am not sure on many occasions how I made it out the door when my children were 4, 18 months and a newborn. Yet, the helpful moment when arriving at my destination was to have an encouraging word offered or a helping hand-not a snide remark. Mamas already know how hard their job is. They are living it. Let’s help them along with an encouraging word, a helping hand, and a pleasant response.

Two, we as Christians have truly bought into the lie, offered to us by the world, that children are a burden. Scripture says the exact opposite in Psalm 127:3,

“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.”

My friend, Annie Laurie, said it well, “We are so saturated with secular culture’s definition of what it means to parent and parent well that many Christian moms (and women) can’t see that they are believing lies.”

Children are a blessing. The fruit of the womb is a reward. Be reminded of this truth woven through Scripture. View your children as God views them. Help a Mom of young children do the same today by offering her life giving words. Allow God’s Word to remind us of this truth in a world that is screaming lies into our ears.

Danielle Henley West is wife to Ryan, NAMB National Coordinator for LoveLoud and mom of David, 11, Sally, 7 and John, 5. She was the SojournKids Director, East Campus (Lousiville, Kentucky) before relocating with family to Atlanta earlier this year. Follow her on Twitter @daniellehwest  

Free Infant Carseat Canopy (you only pay SHIPPING!)

1 May

When I was pregnant with son #3, a friend posted on Facebook an offer for a FREE nursing cover from Udder Covers. I did not have a nursing cover from my previous two sons, so I quickly took advantage of the offer. The nursing cover was free, and I simply had to pay the shipping. I remember that the shipping costs seemed slightly higher than normal, but I didn’t mind because it was significantly cheaper than the cost of the nursing cover AND shipping. I LOVED my nursing cover and lamented that I never bought one with my 2 other sons. It worked well, had a fun, stylish fabric design and was well made.

I was added to the email list for Mother’s Lounge after ordering my nursing cover from Udder Covers. Mother’s Lounge is the parent company for Udder Covers and some other fabulous infant products (slings, car seat covers, car seat canopies, and milk bands). Every couple of months I get an email from them featuring one of their infant products FREE, and the only cost is shipping. (Just like how I snagged my awesome nursing cover!). Well, yesterday, I got another one of their FREE product emails from Car Seat Canopy! You can currently get a car seat canopy FREE and only pay the shipping cost, which is $12.95. The retail cost is $49.95!

I love a great deal, so I wanted to pass it along! This would be great to purchase for yourself or for a baby gift (if you have a baby shower coming up!). I’ve ordered nursing covers for preggo friends when they’ve had the same deal for those, and it’s always a hit for the mom-to-be. To take advantage of this great deal, you’ll need to use this coupon code:


My email said that you can use the coupon code more than once. In order to use it multiple times, they indicated that you simply need to open a new web browser each time.

YAY! Enjoy this great car seat canopy for your sweet baby!

Book-It Program: Homeschool registration for 2013-14 starts now!

1 May

I remember with fondness the Book-It! Program from my elementary school days. There was nothing like my teacher handing me my Book It! coupon for a FREE Pizza Hut personal pan pizza when I had met my monthly reading goal. When we started homeschooling 3 years ago, I was excited to learn that they extend the program to homeschooling families! This is our 3rd year to participate, and it’s been a fun treat for my boys! Now, whenever they meet their monthly reading goals, they can enjoy their own personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut….just like their good ol’ Mom used to enjoy when I was there age.

The sign ups for the 2013-14 school year started this week! Follow this link or click on the image above and register your children who will be in K-6 for the 2013-14 school year. You will receive a nice home educator kit, which includes the coupon vouchers for each child enrolled. The kit usually includes a small poster where your child can make and keep up with his/her reading goals.  You will not receive the kit now, so don’t be on the look out for it until around September. I always wonder if they’ve forgotten me by the time it shows up in our mailbox! AND….the best part is that enrollment and participation is FREE! So, go register your kiddos and watch them gobble up some yummy pizza! Oh, and one of my other favorite parts about Book It! is that it means one meal per month that this Momma is off the hook for cooking dinner! YAY! 🙂