Free Infant Carseat Canopy (you only pay SHIPPING!)

1 May

When I was pregnant with son #3, a friend posted on Facebook an offer for a FREE nursing cover from Udder Covers. I did not have a nursing cover from my previous two sons, so I quickly took advantage of the offer. The nursing cover was free, and I simply had to pay the shipping. I remember that the shipping costs seemed slightly higher than normal, but I didn’t mind because it was significantly cheaper than the cost of the nursing cover AND shipping. I LOVED my nursing cover and lamented that I never bought one with my 2 other sons. It worked well, had a fun, stylish fabric design and was well made.

I was added to the email list for Mother’s Lounge after ordering my nursing cover from Udder Covers. Mother’s Lounge is the parent company for Udder Covers and some other fabulous infant products (slings, car seat covers, car seat canopies, and milk bands). Every couple of months I get an email from them featuring one of their infant products FREE, and the only cost is shipping. (Just like how I snagged my awesome nursing cover!). Well, yesterday, I got another one of their FREE product emails from Car Seat Canopy! You can currently get a car seat canopy FREE and only pay the shipping cost, which is $12.95. The retail cost is $49.95!

I love a great deal, so I wanted to pass it along! This would be great to purchase for yourself or for a baby gift (if you have a baby shower coming up!). I’ve ordered nursing covers for preggo friends when they’ve had the same deal for those, and it’s always a hit for the mom-to-be. To take advantage of this great deal, you’ll need to use this coupon code:


My email said that you can use the coupon code more than once. In order to use it multiple times, they indicated that you simply need to open a new web browser each time.

YAY! Enjoy this great car seat canopy for your sweet baby!


2 Responses to “Free Infant Carseat Canopy (you only pay SHIPPING!)”

  1. Melanie Davis July 4, 2013 at 11:50 pm #

    Thanks Suzanne! I ordered one for my newborn, Gabriel. We used it today in the rain! What a blessing!

    • Suzanne Shares July 28, 2013 at 10:38 pm #

      sure, girl! glad it was a blessing!!! 🙂 love your blog, btw, friend. 🙂 🙂 hope that you guys are well!

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