Summer reading=LOL

18 Jun

As a part of our oldest sons’ homeschool day, they read daily to me or quietly to themselves. For the past 2 years, we’ve used the Sonlight readers, which have all been a sheer delight. We’re continuing on with our sons’ routine of reading daily even during the summer months…because we LOVE summer reading!

Yesterday was one of those magical “reading” moments that brought me utter joy, a moment that I burned into my memory that I’ll revisit for a lifetime. It was our oldest son’s turn to read, and the next book in his Sonlight readers for this year was Amelia Bedelia. I remembered the laughable, hilarious adventures of Amelia Bedelia from my own childhood reading adventures. As son #1 began reading the book, my other 2 sons and I surrounded him, each of us wiggling and craning our necks wildly in order to see the illustrations. And, then….it happened. Full-out belly laughter and guffawing commenced. The 4 of us were so hysterical that son #1 could hardly read the words. As Amelia Bedelia “dressed” the chicken in clothing and “dusted” the furniture with make up, our laughter was uncontrollable. This mommy’s heart was euphoric and blissful (and my sides were sore!).

I love the shared experience of reading a book together. Nothing compares to family bonding over a good book; it’s a tradition that I fight for in our family. As we woke up this morning and milled around the house today, we enjoyed more giggles today over Amelia Bedelia “trimming” the steak and “drawing” the drapes. So, if you’re looking for a great way to bond as a family this summer, take the summer reading challenge and dive together into a good book (all of the cool kids are doing it!). Any of the Amelia Bedelia books will be a great place to start.

Visit my previous post for a great book list of quality children’s literature (grades K-8) or buy my favorite ‘book list’ book,  Honey for a Child’s Heart.

Happy reading!


3 Responses to “Summer reading=LOL”

  1. Danielle June 18, 2013 at 9:58 pm #

    Such joy! “Nothing compares to a family bonding over a good book.” Exactly this. We’ve had those moments in our house, and I always have to scurry off afterwards to write them down in my gratitude journal. Thank you for sharing, Suzanne! Also, if you ever need more ideas, I get tons of fun, authentic, fabulous book ideas from Heidi at MtHopeAcademy. She is the reason I always run out of grocery money. 🙂 We just read An Egg is Quiet, and A Butterfly is Patient tonight (both Heidi’s recommendations), and our moment was similar to yours, sans hilarity.

    • Suzanne Shares June 18, 2013 at 10:33 pm #

      Oooooooooooh, I’ve not visited her blog before! Thanks for sharing it! I’m always looking for more resources for good books! 🙂 I LOVE that series that you posted about! We read “A Rock is Lively” this year when we talked about rocks/minerals in CC. I used in my Abecedarians class; they loved it! the illustrations are marvelous. Thanks for reminding me that i need to get these 2 from the library! Hope you guys are having a great summer!!!

      • Danielle June 18, 2013 at 10:49 pm #

        Heidi also does CC. In fact, she’s our speaker at the parent practicum this year. You will find all kinds of gems on her site.

        I will have to see if our library has the other books in that series, especially the rock one. I had to limit myself to just two before. The illustrations are soo amazing.
        It rained today, but we did have a camping trip earlier in June involving lots of swimming and some slightly crispy kids, so we’re off to a good start. Can’t wait to read about your vacation.

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