Teaching the Trivium (one chapter)–$0.99 on Kindle

6 Aug

Wow! I was really, really excited when I first saw this on Amazon listed for $0.99 on Kindle. Cha-ching! Totally buying it! I couldn’t wait to hop on my blog and SHARE all about it! Wait, wait, wait before you go out and buy the Kindle edition, though! We must first have a heart-to-heart: I’ve got good news for you, AND I’ve got bad news for you.

First, the BAD NEWS. Let’s just get it over with, right?!?!? I thought the entire tome of Teaching the Trivium by Harvey & Laurie Bluedorn was in the $0.99 Kindle edition. Sigh, it’s only one chapter.  My dreams and visions of having a LIGHTER version (LITERALLY!) of this book to tote around  to read in my spare time, well, those have vanished. Oh, well! I’ll probably have bigger bicep muscles from carrying around this hefty book; that’s positive, right?!?!?

Now, to the GOOD NEWS. The ONE chapter that is included in the $0.99 Kindle book is Chapter 11, Ten Things to Do Before Age Ten. The good news is that it’s a quality chapter. 🙂 Before buying the book, this would be a good way to preview it (for $29 less) and see if you like it.

Or, you could just take the plunge and buy the whole book. I’ve recently started it and am enjoying it! Thanks to my wonderful friend who gave it to me as a “thank you” gift for being her son’s Abecedarians teacher last year. I heart books…and had always been too cheap to buy it. So, thank you, Whitney!!





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