Re-post: How the Mosleys Tackle CC Presentations

14 Aug


If you’re new to Classical Conversations and you your children are shakin’ in their shoes at the thought of doing a weekly presentation, I wanted to re-post an article that I wrote last year. It shows how we worked on developing our presentations at home each week. Hope that it’s helpful!

I will say that, as an Abecedarians tutor last year, one of my greatest joys was watching my children blossom, flourish, and soar as presenters! Week #1 they were holding Mommy’s leg and spoke in a whisper. After only 4 weeks, they were more relaxed and more confident. By Christmas, they were old pros and by the year’s end, they were rock stars!! I truly marveled at how each child developed and matured over 24 weeks. I was one proud tutor!

This past year was our family’s first with Classical Conversations. I had no idea how the presentations would impact our family! As a parent, I have seen the confidence that our weekly CC presentations have given my sons. At a Sports Festival this spring, our oldest son, 7 at the time, walked up to an NFL player, a midst a sea of adults, and asked for his autograph. I attributed his confidence to having 24 weeks of CC presentations under his belt. He would never done that one year prior! I was one proud momma!  Embrace this wonderful opportunity and have a great year with CC!


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