Book Club: Treasuring God in our Traditions

5 Oct

Book ClubIf you are a faithful Suzanne Shares blog reader, it is probably no surprise to you that books are an important part of my life. I can timeline my life based on books that I have read. I love that I have stumbled upon books throughout my lifetime that have permanently altered my life. Before reading said books, I was walking down one path, yet after reading said books, my life found itself on another path.

One reason that I wanted to start blogging was because deep down I am a researcher at heart and love to share the results of my research. If I am wanting to teach something new to our boys or wanting to be purposeful with a certain area of life, marriage, motherhood, I scour favorite blogs and/or seek the wisdom and counsel of godly men and women to find resources pertaining to my search topic. This is how I found each of the Bibles that we have loved and used with our boys. My researching endeavors have led me to some invaluable resources, and honestly, I just feel really, really, really selfish if I keep these treasures to myself!! Thus, Suzanne Shares was born!

One favorite topic of mine is traditions. In my short one year of blogging, I have written frequently about traditions. Much of what was birthed in the form of “Mosley Family” traditions was inspired by one book, Treasuring God in our Traditions by Noel Piper.

I have wonderful memories of holidays and holiday traditions with my family as a little girl, particularly Christmas. With the birth of our first son in 2005, I desired to initiate traditions for our new family of three. Noel Piper’s book was formative, inspiring, instructive for me, a new mom and young wife. Eight years later, many of the traditions that we started that first Christmas as a family of three (including one of these Advent calendars) remain constant components of our “Mosley Christmas traditions.” I am forever indebted to Noel Piper for sharing wisdom gleaned along her motherhood and parenting journey.

This summer my mind was taken back to this book, and I decided that I wanted to re-read it. I wanted a renewed vision for implementing and maintaining traditions in our family. With Thanksgiving and Christmas looming, I thought October would be a great month to revisit the book and walk through it again. Because I know myself and how easily I let ‘busyness’ creep into my life, I thought I should read this with other people. No, I am not perfect (SHOCKER!); I need accountability to actually follow through with it!

This week I had an epiphany! What better way to share this book with you, encourage you to read it, re-read it myself, and keep us accountable to read it than to have an online BOOK CLUB!  This will be the first ever Suzanne Shares Book Club. I’m not sure how often we’ll have the Suzanne Shares Book Club or what other books we’ll read together, but let’s dive in and go for it! How about it?!?! Are you in?

How the Suzanne Shares Book Club will work:
We will take the month of October to read through the book. The goal is to have the book read by November 1. Come back to Suzanne Shares on November 1 where I’ll share my thoughts. If you are a blogger or interested in sharing your thoughts about the book, I hope to make available a link up for you. I want to hear from you as well!

So, order your book, read it, and come back November 1 to share how this book has impacted you and your family! I pray that God will use this book to draw you and your family closer to Him and to commencing traditions in your family that treasure Him.

I’m soooooooooooooo excited!!!! 


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