Scotch Laminator–$21.99 currently @ Amazon

17 Nov

I just noticed that the Scotch Thermal Laminator  is currently $21.99 at Amazon. This is the same one I have and purchased 3 years ago. I love it (laugh, if you will!) and use it frequently. I just used it to make cute little Bag Tags for the kiddos in my Classical Conversations class as Christmas presents. 🙂 Even if you’re not a homeschooler, you would be surprised at how useful it is to have one of these around the house. It transforms any sheet of paper into a reusable document with the assistance of a dry erase marker. Use these laminating pages with the laminator (to be purchased separately). I’ve found them the cheapest at Sam’s–roughly $20 for 200 sheets.

Happy laminating. 🙂 If anyone laughs at you for putting this on your Christmas list, just let me know. I will chat with you and make you realize that it’s not silly to ask for one for Christmas; you’re in good company with me. 🙂

With Christmas right around the corner, now is a good time to sign up for a FREE 30 Day Trail of Amazon Prime. Our family loves Amazon Prime–free 2 day shipping, movie & TV episodes free streaming, and one free Kindle book to “check out” each month. I love shopping, not leaving my house and picking it up off my front porch 2 days later. 🙂

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