Long Story Short: A Great Way to Start Reading the Word Together As A Family (FREE Kindle download today

25 Nov

For those of you who read Treasuring God in Our Traditions with the Book Club in October, you’ll remember that Noel Piper calls Bible reading and prayer and “Everyday” tradition. One example that she gave to incorporate this “Everyday” tradition is a family devotion. If this is something that you’ve been wanting to do–having a structured time where your family reads the Bible together-here’s your chance! Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God is a family devotional that takes 10 minutes–that’s it. We can all do 10 minutes a day, centering around the Word as a family, right?!?! We have friends who have this and have raved about it. In particular, my friend’s love with this family devotion book is that it reveals how God has woven His purposes through the actions and stories of the Old Testament. The connection between the Old and New Testament was something that I learned as an adult, so this has been of importance to me to pass along to my children, which is part of the reason we use the Advent Jesse Tree at Christmas Advent. I’ve been stalking this book for a while and have yet to purchase it, so I’m excited to get it today–FREE!

Download the Kindle edition FREE today through Amazon. NO WORRIES if you don’t have a Kindle. Download the Kindle App from the App store, and you can read it on your iPhone or iPad. Now, go download the book! That’s where I’m heading now…


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