Bethlehem Was Just Set Up On Our Table (20% off Little Peoples)

30 Nov


“We just set up Bethlehem!” our almost 4 year old screamed this morning! That only means one thing around our home. We have just opened our Little Peoples Nativity Set. This is probably one of our family’s favorite Christmas decorations. Our boys are 8, 6, and almost 4, and they squeal and scream when we get this out each year. “Oh, I remember this!” was their reaction when we opened the box containing it this morning. That’s one thing that I love about traditions; children come to expect them. Traditions give them a place and identity in a family. For our sons, being a “Mosley” means Little Peoples Nativity Set, and their faces light up each year when we unveil it.


highly, highly, highly recommend the Little Peoples Nativity Set for your family. For those of you who participated in the Suzanne Shares Book Club in October, you will remember that Noel Piper mentions in her book, Treasuring God in Our Traditions, is the idea of having Nativity Sets all over your home, including some “play” ones that children are allowed to touch. We have taken that approach and actually keep 2 Nativity Sets that are from other countries out all year. We have enjoyed the Fisher Price Little Peoples Set as a set that our boys can touch and play with. One of my favorite memories when our oldest son was 2 was getting out the set and having him act out the Christmas story with the appropriate Little People as we read it from his favorite Children’s Bible. This was at age 2 1/2. No, my husband and I aren’t superstars or anything; we are just firm believers that little kiddos can soak in, understand and comprehend much more than is assumed. Surrounding our boys and our family with Nativity Sets at Christmas make it hard to ignore or forget the reason for Christmas. 🙂

This makes a great Christmas gift for a newborn or a young child. Our oldest son got this for his first Christmas (age 6 months). What a helpful tool it will be for you to use with your children to tell them the story of Jesus.

You can buy the set from Fisher-Price. It has been out of stock, so I’m excited to see that today they have it! Currently, you can also get 20% off your order and FREE SHIPPING with an order of $25 (which would be the case with this set) when you use the codeSUPERSALE. (Expiration is 12/1)

Enjoy Christmas, and enjoy teaching your children (and reminding yourself) of Christ coming to earth!


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