Pampered Chef #12-White Ceramic Saute Pan

20 Jan

I’m hosting an online Pampered Chef party…for only a few more days! 🙂   (through 1/27). To celebrate, I’m featuring some of my favorite Pampered Chef items here on Suzanne Shares. Missed previous posts? Read all of them including my 11 favorite Pampered Chef items here.

When I had a Pampered Chef party last year, one of the Host Gifts was the White Ceramic 10″ Saute Pan at a discounted price. As I was closing out the show and finalizing all the orders with my friend, Aimee, Pampered Chef Consultant Extraordinaire, she asked if I wanted to buy it. I had looked at it and decided that I would pass. However, she started raving about it, and I listened.

She said, she…

*Uses it to warm up leftovers at lunch for her son.

*Can clean it in about two seconds by simply wiping it with a dishcloth.

Both of these things intrigued me because we have leftovers a lot for lunch during our homeschool week. I don’t mind leftovers, but that nice chewy texture that my food can be transformed into when I warm it too long in the microwave is…well…overrated. 🙂 (Can you tell I have a tendency to ‘overwarm’ my leftovers?!?!? ha!) PLUS, easy clean up without nonstick Teflon? I’m sold! I have a great set of stainless still pots and pans, and I love them. Easy clean up, though, they are not. 😦

So, I took the leap, I bought the White Ceramic Saute Pan, and IT IS AMAZING! Seriously, I use it more than any other pot or pan I own! My friend’s summary of the pan was spot on! We hardly ever use our microwave anymore. I warm up our leftovers at lunch in the pan, and everything tastes like I just made it at that moment! I can also warm up a variety of leftovers at the same meal because clean up in between the various dishes is so easy. 

Now, go order yours! You’ll be glad you did! The 10″ Saute Pan is item #3131, or the 8″ Saute Pan is item #3130. Or, check out the other White Ceramic pots and pans here.

To participate in my Pampered Chef online show, go here. Click on the “Shop” button on the upper left-hand corner, and shop away! Get one of these items free when you spend $60. Thanks to my fabulous neighbor, Aimee Howell, wonderful Pampered Chef consultant for allowing me to host a party! And…no worries if you don’t live anywhere near me! When you order online, you can have it shipped directly to your door! Oh, how I love shopping online. 🙂


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