Tutor Tip: Science Detectives During Science Experiments

5 Aug

For my fellow Abecedarian tutors out there, I have been working these past 2 days on the first 6 weeks of Science Projects. (Trying to do some advanced planning and get my ducks in a row!) One fun thing that I am doing with the Science Projects this year is to dub my Abecedarians–“Science Detectives.” I will refer to them in calls as “Science Detectives” and encourage them to help solve the science mystery of the day (aka “the experiment”) using the Scientific Method. I will explain that the Scientific Method will be our “map” that we will follow to conduct our experiment, and it will lead us to SOLVE THE MYSTERY of the experiment!

Suzanne, the Science Detective

I might even dress up as a detective (or at least carry around my trusty magnifying glass) to get into character. I’m thinking that my little Abecedarians will enjoy being Science Detectives, don’t you?!?! (Their tutor probably will enjoy this as well!)

For those of you with older kiddos, you might be able to pull this off as well?!?!? I just finished a “Detective-Themed” VBS in Chicago two weeks ago, and I was the 5th grade/rising 6th grade teacher. I thought they would scoff at pretending to be “detectives,” but they whole-heartedly jumped in and loved it! So, maybe those of you with Apprentices, Journeymen and Masters might have some fellow Sherlock Holmes Science Detectives in your classroom this year, too! 🙂

Have fun LEARNING this year! To know God and to make Him known!

[photo credit: My Cute Graphics]


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