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21 Aug

Book love

If you haven’t noticed with my plethora of posts regarding books, I love books…really, really, really love books! One of my favorite aspects of a good book is that it transports me to another place or era, or it totally transforms me into another person or creature. As I am visiting a secret hiding place, The Angels Den, during World War II, peering in on the life of a young Native American girl intrigued by palefaces, or imagining what it’s like to eat one apple, two pears, three plums, four strawberries, oranges, cake, ice cream, pie and a lollipop, a book has given me entrance into a myriad of places, thoughts, feelings that I never experienced previously. Endless possibilities and never before experienced journeys all come to fruition, perhaps not IRL (in real life) but via a good book.

I have always found enjoyment through reading. As we welcomed one, two, three sons into our family, one of my greatest delights is the shared experience created and memorialized through books. I have written about a vast quantity of those books and even shared one of my favorite resources for finding classic children’s literature.

I Love Usborne

I am excited to share today that I have another means of sharing fabulous children’s literature with you–Usborne books! I have recently become an Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant because, honestly, I just love books and was eager to share Usborne books with my sons!


Two of the greatest gifts my sons received have been Usborne books. A dear friend gave our second son Farmyard Tales First Word book when he was born, and we gobbled it up! We loved going through each page to find the various objects, including the duck, hidden on each page. Our oldest son, during his “Pirate” stage, received 1001 Pirate Things to Spot from his grandparents (Thanks, Mimi and Pop!), and he and I spent hours counting hidden cutlasses, Jolly Roger flags and parrots. Both books were my introduction to Usborne books, and I was immediately smitten! A few years later when we began homeschooling, our Sonlight curriculum introduced us to rich Usborne history texts like Time Travelers, The Usborne Children’s Internet-Linked Encyclopedia, Greek Myths and  The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History. Even four years after completing that curriculum, these are the books that my sons still pull off the shelf to lose themselves in when their imaginations take them to past centuries.

Therefore, when given the opportunity to share my great love of Usborne books with others, it was a no-brainer for me. I am elated to be a new Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant and look forward to sharing my love for Usborne books with you and your family! To celebrate, I am having an Online/Catalog Kick Off party! If you, too, love Usborne books and have been eager to purchase some for your children, grandchildren or friends, now is the perfect opportunity! Go here to view my online Usborne store and shop, shop, shop, shop!

Picture of Human Body Sticker Book - IR

Guest Specials & Internet Specials
This is one of my favorite aspects of an Usborne party–the Guest Specials! (See “Specials” on the LEFT side of the website.) Each month a variety of books are discounted to 60% off! When you spend $40, you can purchase up to THREE of these books for 60% off! (YAY! I always love a good sale!) The Guest Special is cumulative, so spend $80, and you can get three more! One of the reasons I wanted to have my Usborne Kick-Off Party in August is for this book shown above–it’s one of the Guest Specials this month! You can snag it for $5 when you spend $40! All of my CC readers, this would be a FUN book to use with Cycle 3; I can’t wait to get this for my sons! View all of the August Guest Specials here.

Also, shopping online with Usborne Books & More has its advantages! Every two weeks there are an array of books discounted in the Internet Specials section (See “SPECIALS” on the LEFT side of the website) of my online store. Peruse this section as well for some great deals. Who doesn’t like to save money?!?!?!

Spend $75 or more, Free Shipping  (ends 8/28)
I abhor paying for shipping. Don’t you??!?! To celebrate my Usborne Kick Off party, I’ll reimburse your shipping costs when you spend $75 retail or more. Once your order is processed, I will send you money via PayPal or snail mail. 🙂 My Usborne Kick Off party and the Free Shipping ends August 30.

Earn DOUBLE Free Books
Free, free, free! Doesn’t everyone love the word “free?” I LOVE THESE USBORNE BOOKS and want you to get to earn FREE ones, too! As a new Usborne consultant, I get the JOY and privilege of offering DOUBLE Free books to anyone who hosts a party with me in September or October. For example, when your Usborne party sales reach $250, you would normally earn $40 in free books, but by hosting a show during my first 12 weeks as a new Consultant, your earnings are DOUBLED to $80! Have an $800 party, receive $300 in free books, as opposed to the regular bonus of $150!

Don’t live local to me? Don’t worry! You can still host a party and take advantage of DOUBLE Free Books!!  I will be specializing and tailoring my Usborne business to online/catalog parties and can happily set you up as a Host. Contact me for more info about hosting a show: suzanneshares AT gmail DOT com.

New to Usborne? Come Back This Week To Read More!
Over the new few days to coincide with my Usborne Kick Off party, I will be highlighting various Usborne books and products to introduce you to some Usborne gems! 🙂 So, come on back! I’M SO EXCITED!!!


7 Responses to “Suzanne Shares…Usborne Books!”

  1. duffyb August 22, 2014 at 7:08 am #

    Congrats on becoming a consultant. You will be great. We love Usbourne as well. In fact I was just looking for a history/atlas and thought of Usbourne. I will check the website to see if they have the book I’m looking for. Would you be interested in doing a party/show for the HCA library? The free or discounted books could go to the library and we could send out info to all the mommies. Let me know what you think.




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