Usborne ONLINE Book Party: “Learning to Read” Books, Phonics Readers, & Audio books (Oh, my!)

23 Aug

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Thanks for joining me here for my Usborne ONLINE book party. The three previous posts in this series can be viewed here, Favorite Usborne Books for Boys here, and Favorite Usborne Books for Girls here.

Here are two quotes about reading and being read to in my Usborne catalog. I love these–so inspirational!

“A child spends 900 hours a year in school and 7800 hours at home–you are their primary teacher–you play an important role in your child’s education.”

“Children who are read to at least three times a week are almost twice as likely to score in the top 25% on standardized tests than those who are read to less than three times a week.”

One of the most exciting opportunities that I’ve had as a mother is to watch our oldest two boys (and now our third son is in the beginning stages!) learn to read. Watching them read their first books left me marveling and awe-inspired. It is one of those mysterious, magical milestones in a child’s life. As a book lover, I couldn’t wait for my boys to read, but I was clueless about how to select appropriate books to help them build confidence and to strengthen their ability to read. If you are clueless as I have been in the past, another quote from my Usborne catalog to help you:

“Research shows that children who read the most, read the best.”

 So, as you encourage your child to read more, here are some fabulous “learning to read” and phonics based readers (and a couple of audio books! You know how I LOVE audio books!!!) to help them on their journey.

Very First Reading Set

Very First Reading Program–This is a 15 volume boxed set of books designed to build confidence and enjoyment as your child is learning to read. The books are designed for parents or adults to read with their children. The left page is read by the “grown up,” the right page is to be read by the child. How exciting to have a shared experience together reading with your child?!?!? Accompanying the set is a 24-page parent guide that walks you through how to use this program. I will be buying this set to use with our youngest son who is in the first stages of learning how to read. I can already envision us sitting on the couch, him in my lap reading through these books together. Not only will he be learning to read, but we will be making memories together.

First Reading Box Set

Usborne First Reading Program-This 10 volume box set includes books from Level 1, 2, 3, and 4. These leveled readers are designed for children who are new readers with the goal of  increasing your child’s fluency. As your child progresses through each level, new aspects of language and vocabulary will be introduced. This set also includes a Parent’s Guide to instruct the parents in how to use these books and to help your child builds confidence and skill as a reader. I love Usborne’s philosophy of training parents to work with their children who are learning to read. This practical information is extremely helpful to us, right parents?!?!?

Ted & Friends

Ted and Friends: Phonics Readers (and audio book!) –This hardback book includes 12 books in the Usborne Phonics Readers series, and an audio cd with each story’s text is included! Your child will flourish and gain confidence as he/she reads along while listening to the audio cd. Each story was created and written under the advisement of a language expert in order to help your child learn to read. Some of the titles are: Fat Cat on a Mat, Big Pig on A Dig (we have this one and love it!!!), Hen’s Pens.

Cow Takes a Bow Combined Volume

Cow Takes A Bow and Other Tales (Combined Volume–saves you $$)–Usborne sells Combined Volumes of certain books. This means that the Combined Volume is a compilation of multiple books within the same series. Cow Takes a Bow and Other Tales is a collection of six books from the Usborne Phonics Readers. The advantage of buying the Combined Volume is that you save $$. This book is hardback and costs $14.99 for 6 books. One of the books included in this Combined Volume, Bee Makes Tea, when bought alone is $14.99 for hardback. Buy the Combined Volume and save $75 (or think of it as Buy 1, get 5 free!).

Usborne Readers with cds

The Little Book of Train Stories, The Usborne Book of Bible Stories, and The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales (all with CDs!!!)–These great books are FABULOUS for kiddos learning to read. First, they each have an accompanying audio cd that covers each story within the book. Your child can listen to the cd and follow along in the book at the same time. This will help develop word recognition. (Yipee!! I LOVE Audio Books!!) Another AMAZING component of these three books is that there are two lines of text on each page. One line of text is for beginning readers, and the second line of text is for more advanced readers.  How about THAT for building confidence for readers in your home?!?!

Plus, these books are amazingly priced–$8.99 for Train Stories (includes 4 books compiled in 1 hardback format with accompanying audio cd) and the Bible Stories (13 books compiled in 1 in hardback plus the cd) & Farmyard Tales (2o books compiled in 1 hardback plust the cd) are both $24.99. An average price for an audiobook without the accompanying book is $15-$20. These 3 include the book and the audiobook! Such a great deal!

I hope these will be helpful recommendations for your family as your kiddos begin the awesome journey of learning to read! Now, it’s time to ORDER!


August 2014 Customer Special

  • The GUEST SPECIAL as you shop! Download the flier here: CustomerSpecials: August 2014  or view it in the picture above. For my CC readers, the Human Body Sticker book is on the list for $5!!! For every $40 you spend, you can chose 3 books from this month’s list. Don’t you love a sale?!?!? Also, since this is an ONLINE party, you can take advantage of the Internet Specials, too.
  • Free Shipping when you spend $75! I will reimburse you via PayPal or will snail mail a check to cover your shipping costs with a retail order of $75. You will pay for the shipping with your order, and once it is processed, I will reimburse you.

 Happy Shopping! If you have any questions about a book or an order, let me know! suzanneshares AT gmail DOT com


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  1. Lady Lilith August 24, 2014 at 3:40 pm #

    This looks great. Reading and books are such an important part of education.


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