Lift the Flap Periodic Table & Fall Frenzy

28 Sep

I have been dreaming about a Lift the Flap Periodic Table Book, and it’s like Usborne Books & More Read my mind (again!). Since we are on Cycle 3 again with Classical Conversations, chemistry and the Periodic Table is on my brain! When our Usborne Books & More Home Office announces this week that this book is being released October 2, I almost passed out! To say that I am excited about it, would be an understatement! If your family is also pumped up to add this to your home library, I am here to help! It is not currently on my website, but it should be this next week. In the meantime, contact me about a special deal for families ordering this book! You can message me through my Usborne FB page: Suzanne Shares Usborne Books Or email me: suzanneshares at gmail dot com as well. So so excited for our children to have access to this book, which is guaranteed to fuel their curiosity about the Periodic Table and these amazing elements!

Also, Usborne Books & More will have a HUGE Fall Frenzy Sale starting TODAY on my website: There will be 100+ titles that are no longer available in our catalog or going out of print. These books will be heavily discounted, and it’s a great time to check out to stock up for Christmas, baby showers and birthdays! These books will be available tonight through Halloween, October 31, and all books are while supplies last. For all the latest with Usborne Books & More news, Follow or Like my Usborne Books & More FB Page: Suzanne Shares Usborne Books and you can also find my blog FB page too: Suzanne Shares Thanks for all of your support and love!

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