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Good reads: Bonhoeffer, Squanto, and Wilberforce

5 Mar

I’m like a kid in a candy shop! I’m giddy, excited and oh-so-excited! I’ve written previously about one of my favorite biographies, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. I’ve also written superfluously about a book that we pull out each November, Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving, which is now an annual-Mosley-Thanksgiving-tradition kind of book. Well, both are written by one of my favorite authors, Eric Metaxas, and I’m excited that he’s currently on a Bonhoeffer Tour with Nashville as a stopping point! Tonight’s the event, and my hubby and I are heading there soon (an anniversary present to each other!). So, if you love the works of Metaxas, see if he’s coming soon to a city near you!

I’m excited to be picking up his book Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery at my local library tomorrow! I love that the common theme in the book about Bonhoeffer and Squanto is, not the greatness of the men, the greatness of the God that they love, know and serve. I’m sure the Wilberforce will be no different. If you’re looking for some quality books to read this year, I would recommend these 3. Tonight, we’ll get a copy of Metaxas’s latest book coming out in April, Seven Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness. Probably another good one to add to your “To be read” list.  As you know, I’m always eager to share quality literature with my fabulous blog readers!

Happy reading!

Classical Conversations Earth Science book list

20 Jan

One of my favorite things about being a tutor with Classical Conversations is that I’m learning so much. When I was in college I had an entire class on Earth Science. Honestly, I can’t remember anything that I learned. That’s pretty sad to me…and probably reflective of some immaturity on my part, eh? Well, thankfully, I’m getting a “do over” (or “mulligan” for my golf-loving blog readers, anyone? anyone?) through Classical Conversations this 2nd semester of Cycle 1. If you would’ve told me in December that I would be loving the Earth Science focus of Cycle 1 Weeks 13-24, I would’ve called you crazy. When we had our tutor meeting mid-December and went over all of this semester’s science projects and grammar, I thought…boring. Boy, was I wrong! To learn about the complexities, beauty, purpose and order of the amazing Earth that God made, it has led me, on more than one occasion, to worship our all-wise, creative, majestic God.

One of the other perks of being a tutor with Classical Conversations is that I get to peruse resource after resource about the Grammar, Science Projects, Artists that we’re learning about this semester. I thought it might be helpful to list in one location my favorite Earth Science books that I’ve stumbled upon. Pick up one or two from Amazon or your local library. Have fun learning together with your kiddos and learning about the greatness and wisdom of God. Hope this list is helpful! Enjoy!

The Magic School Bus Complete Series DVDs-My boys are enjoying these DVDs from The Magic School Bus. Related to Earth Science, we’ve watched the episodes about the Solar System and Volcanoes. I love how fun they make learning with my boys! We pile up on the couch and watch them together! This is a really well-done series. I’m excited to have this resource as I know future CC Science will coincide with other episodes in the series as well. Love, love, loving this!

The Magic School Bus Blows Its Top and The Magic School Bus Voyage to the Volcano-Both of these focus on volcanoes. The Voyage to the Volcano is a chapter book, so if you have an older elementary child, he/she might enjoy that one for independent reading. Both of these books are Amazon 4 for 3 books! Most of the “educational” and classic books for children are Amazon 4 for 3 books, which is wonderful! If you buy 3 participating books (or products as there are many non-book items), you get the 4th one free! So, if you need several books, check to see if they’re 4 for 3 eligible, and you just might score a free one! I’ve gotten some great books at a great price this way!

The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth-This book does an excellent job focusing on the layers of the earth as well as explaining the 3 types of rock. This is an Amazon 4 for 3 book.

The Best Book of Volcanoes-I was pretty taken back by this title. Really? Self-proclaimed “best book” of volcanoes? Seems pretty presumptious, Scholastic. 🙂 After reading through it though, I thought they had a good reason to claim that! The graphics in this book are wonderful. The cross-section of the volcano (of particular interest to Cycle 1 Week 17 Science grammar) was well done, vibrantly illustrated and eye catching. This is a quality book. It’s very visually engaging, so if you have non-readers, they would have a hay day just perusing the illustrations and could probably learn just as much that way.

Why Do Volcanoes Blow Their Tops? This covers a wide variety of information, and it, too, is in the Question and Answer format, which I really enjoyed. That format allowed me to skim through to the specific topics that we wanted to further study. I didn’t feel obligated to read all of it and with the Q&A, I could quickly navigate through what I wanted to read to the boys and what I wanted to skip over. Great read!

Let’s Read-and-Find-Out Science Series: Earthquakes-I love this series! If you’re not familiar with it, click the previous link to explore the books in the series. My sons enjoyed this book. Son #2 especially liked the instructions for how to keep safe in an earthquake at the end of the book. We’re not too far from the New Madrid fault, so hey, we’ll be prepared. 🙂 This is an Amazon 4 for 3 book!

Rocks (Sally M. Walker)-This book is wonderful! It’s a part of the Early Bird Earth Science series. I will definitely check into other books in this series because of how much we enjoyed this one! The content on the 3 different kinds of rock and the rock cycle was excellent. It was child-focused in the content and easily accessible for early elementary age. SUCH a great book.

What Is the Rock Cycle? (Natalie Hyde)-I’m embarrassed to say that I knew nothing about the Rock Cycle before our CC Earth Science adventures! This was another favorite book! It goes in depth about the 3 kinds of rock and had 3 REALLY great “experiments” to make a sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock. We did the experiments for the igneous and sedimentary rocks. Hoping to blog soon about those. My boys really enjoyed them!

Birth of an Island (Millicent E. Selsam) and I Can Read about Earthquakes and Volcanoes (Deborah Merrians)-I scored these 2 treasures at a thrift shop…the 1960s editons! I love vintage books. They’re so old that there were no images on Amazon! ha! I’m sure you can find them at your local library. I love how Birth of an Island does a wonderful child-focused explanation of how islands are created by volcanoes. Yes, child-focused but no “skimping” on facts and information. I Can Read About Earthquakes and Volcanoes is another great one. It explains the layers of the earth and igneous rocks.

Atlas of Geology and Landforms (Cally Oldershaw)This probably will need to be located at your library. From the looks of Amazon with no photo available, I’m assuming it’s out of print.  I love the illustrations in this book as well! It covers a wide array of Earth Science topics from plate tectonics, rocks and the rock cycle, earthquakes, volcanoes, the ocean floor just to name a few. There is a section on Darwin and Evolution…just a heads up! Would be great fodder for a conversation with your child about Creation and our Creator.

What are your favorite earth science books that you’ve discovered? Pray, tell! Would love to hear from you and discover even more great ones! 🙂

Cycle 1 Week 14 resources (Math & Science)

14 Jan

Linear Equivalents.blog

Math-As an Abecedarian teacher in our CC Community, I like to have a visual for the Memory Work, if possible. I made one over the weekend for the Linear Equivalents. My Abecedarians were so cute today. They kept saying, “2.54 centimeters = 1 inchworm.” It was cause for many giggles during class. One of my Moms in class said, “Hey, it’s helping them learn it, so no worries!” Good point! Enjoy the inchworm at your house or CC class. 🙂 You can download the document here: Linear Equivalents

With all of my CC worksheets, I laminated it with this fabulous laminator to increase the longevity. 🙂 I cut the document into 3 strips (for the 3 different equivalencies) and covered up different parts as we were memorizing the specific equivalency. At home, you can cut all of the pieces up, put them in a pile and have your child sort out the 3 equivalencies by himself/herself. This is a great independent CC Review activity. 🙂

3 Kinds of Rock.blog

Science-The 3 kinds of rock-There are oodles of resources for the 3 kinds of rock. I made this activity above and used it as a visual to show my Abecedarians as we memorized these in class. You can also use this as a cut/paste activity or for CC Review at home (another great independent activity for review). Again, I laminate it and let my boys tape the word to the correct line. That way I can reuse this over and over and over! 🙂 This file can be found on CC Connected (username: suzannemosley)

My boys got the Magic School Bus: The Complete Series on DVD for Christmas. Amazon had a great “flash” sale on it the week before Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled! It’s been a great resource to go along with the CC Science. The Magic School Bus books would be great to incorporate with this week’s Science, too.

We read The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth  last week since we were learning about the parts of the earth. It also had some great information on the 3 kinds of rock, which would be great paired with this week, too. This is an Amazon 4 for 3 book, which allows you to buy 3 and get the 4th free! If you need some other books additionally, this might be a great time to stock up! It seems like most of the books I’m using are 4 for 3 books on Amazon. Check here for other Amazon 4 for 3 books I’ve highlighted previously on my blog.

And…if you missed my post last week, you can buy an Earth Science Unit Study (for less than $5!) that goes along perfectly with the CC Science for Weeks 13-24. I bought it last week and used it then. My boys enjoyed it. It was quick and simple to read together, and I loved how it allowed me to go deeper into the Science Memory Work with my boys. Another plus is that it’s saturated with Scripture! 🙂

Classical Conversations Weekly Link-Up

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Additional Advent resources (and a favorite book!)

30 Nov

You may be familiar with the 18th century hymn, “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing.” I think of the words in the final stanza often, “Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love….” This is so true of my heart at Christmas (and throughout the year. I’ll just be really honest! 🙂 ). With the competing voices that bombard me at Christmas and the busyness of parties, gatherings & other GOOD things, I need something daily to cause my mind, heart, soul to refocus on Christ. This is why I need Advent readings and Advent calendars. If not, my heart will wander the entire month of December, and I will miss meditating on the miracle, joy and wonder of Christ and Christmas. If you see the value in traditions and celebrating Advent, yet Advent calendars aren’t your thing, no worries! I have some additional Advent resources to share!

Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus (Nancy Guthrie, editor)-This treasure of a book is a collection of 22 sermons or writings from 22 different pastors, theologians, writers living and dead (Augustine, Martin Luther, Francis Schaeffer, Charles Spurgeon, John MacArthur, Joni Eareckson Tada, J.I. Packer, Alistair Begg, Ray Ortlund, Jr. to name a few). The sermons and writings were collected and edited by Nancy Guthrie, a wonderful writer, teacher and mother, who lost 2 children before their first birthdays to Zellweger syndrome, a rare congenital disorder. (I highly recommend her writings on grief, hope, sorrow, which were such an encouragement to me during a time of loss our family experienced almost 4 years ago; I’ll write more about that later.) The writings in the book are arranged chronologically according to the events of the Christmas story. Our church used this book last year, and I loved the discipline of a daily reading preparing my heart daily to reflect on the glory, wonder, majesty, hope and joy of Christ becoming flesh and dwelling among us. This is one of my favorite Advent books. It’s currently half price @ Amazon! If you enjoy this book, you might also check our her similar work Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter and use it during the weeks leading up to Easter.

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room (Nancy Guthrie)-This is another book written by Nancy Guthrie which can be used during this season of Advent. I have not read it or used it in our home and have just recently learned about it. However, if it’s anything like any of Guthrie’s previous works, it will be a helpful tool to focus your heart on Christ by reflecting on passages from His Word. From what I read, it appears to be written in a manner allowing it to be used together as a family and even has accompanying study questions for elementary to high school aged kiddos. This book is a 4 for 3 book on Amazon! Buy 3 participating books or items and get the 4th FREE!

Redeemer Church

Fellowship Passages @ Redeemer Church-At our church, we have a weekly passage from Scripture that we read repeatedly and meditate on throughout the week and discuss in our weekly Community Groups. We call the week’s passage the Fellowship Passage. Throughout the next 4 weeks, the 4 Fellowship Passages will be from Luke 1 and 2 preparing our hearts, minds and soul for Christmas. If you’d like to join us in reading and meditating on these passages, you can find them here.

Merry Christmas! May your heart dwell richly on Christ and His Word this Christmas.

Cycle 1, Week 9: Ancient China resources (and a GREAT movie!)

14 Nov

Historical Tales chapter books-I am excited to find some chapter books to coincide with some of our CC history study. I showed these 2 books to my oldest son, and he said, “Yes!” He was excited that I found them, too! 🙂 Each book only has about 6 chapters with 4-5 pages per chapter, so very attainable for young readers. I love the illustrations in both books, which I know will be appealing to my son! There is a “Words to Know” and “Introduction” section on the first page. The “Words to Know” explains new vocabulary, and the “Introduction” section gives some important historical background as well.

Missionary Biographies: Lottie Moon and Gladys Aylward-You know how I LOVE the Christian Heroes Now and Then series. There are 2 in the series that have missionaries who served in China–Lottie Moon and Gladys Aylward. Both of these women made significant contributions to building God’s kingdom in China. I had grown up hearing the story of Lottie Moon and even served as a missionary overseas after graduating from college; my funding came from a missions offering named after Lottie Moon. I didn’t know the story of Gladys Aylward until college. Kathy, one of my college roommates, made me sit down and watch The Inn of the Sixth Happiness with her one afternoon in our dorm. She couldn’t believe that I had never heard Aylward’s story. I was so glad she introduced me to Gladys. Thank you, Kathy! 🙂 The movie truly is a delight! I wish more of Hollywood’s movies focused on stories like hers. By the way, all of the Christian Heroes Now and Then books are all Amazon 4 for 3 books!

The Emperor’s Silent Army-I have always heard about the Terra Cotta Soldiers, but I honestly know nothing about them. I was excited to find this book so that we can read it together as a family! Most of the books I found about the soldiers were L-O-N-G. I knew that my boys would not sit through them. This one seems to be a happy medium. It appears to have good information, but presents in a concise way. My boys will appreciate it. 🙂

The Stonecutter, The Emperor’s New Clothes and more titles by Demi-I have enjoyed the author, Demi. One of my fellow CC tutors introduced me to her. She spent extended time in her life living in Asia, and her love for Asian culture is evidenced in her writings and illustrations of Ancient India and Ancient China. My boys CACKLED OUT LOUD when we read The Emperor’s New Clothes. We had to look through the book a second time after we completed reading it the first time. It truly was a delight to read with my boys. 🙂 She has some additional Ancient China-focused books besides these two above. DRAGON KITES And DRAGONFLIES. A Collection of Chinese Nursery Rhymes and A Chinese Zoo: Fables and Proverbs. You may want to look into those as well.

Good Times Travel Travel Agency: Ancient China-When we read the Ancient Egypt book in this series, my boys CACKLED like little girls. They thought it was SO hilarious! When I saw there was one about Ancient China, I hadto check it out for them at our library. I loved hearing them laugh, laugh, laugh in the back of our van as we turned out of the library parking lot; they were pumped about this book!

Five in a Row and Ancient China-If you’re unfamiliar with the Five in a Row series, it is a literature-based curriculum with several volumes. In each volume, rich, read-over-and-over again books are selected and featured. With each book chosen, the goal is to read it–5 days in a row. Each day the curriculum focuses on a different subject-art, geography, or math to name a few-using the featured book as the basis to explore that particular subject. Our family was introduced to these 2 books above through the Five in a Row curriculum. We actually have the audio tape to accompany the Tikki Tikki Tembo book; I can still hear the books repeating chant as I read the title “Tikki Tikki Tembono sa rembo-chari bari-ruchi-pip peri pembo!” Both of these books are set in Ancient China and are a lot of fun to read aloud. They are, also, both Amazon 4 for 3 books. Buy 3 selected books, get the 4th book free! It’s a GREAT deal! 🙂