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Kindle On Sale-$49

29 Apr

Just saw that Amazon Kindle (the “basic” model) is on sale for $49 (a $20 savings)! Thinking to do some birthday shopping for our oldest two since they’ve hijacked their parents’ Kindle. šŸ™‚ Why have they hijacked their parents’ Kindle you ask?It’s the library’s fault! šŸ™‚ Our library has thousands of children’s books that can be virtually checked out–for FREE! To say that our boys loveĀ this reality would be an understatement! They think it’s pretty cool and “grown up” to read on the Kindle! I think whatever keeps them interested in reading, right?!?!

The Kindle Paperwhite with Wi-FiĀ and various various Kindle Fire modelsĀ are also $20 off. It appears that there is one deal per customer.Ā This is a Mother’s Day sale, so snag this deal before it’s gone.Ā 

One other perk that our family uses. šŸ™‚ If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get to check out one free Kindle book a month from Amazon. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, enjoy a 30 Day FREE Trial!

Summer is for…Summer Reading (Book List: grades K-8)

6 Jun

It’s been quiet here at Suzanne Shares for several weeks. Yes, I’m still alive! šŸ™‚ In the last 4 weeks we’ve gone on vacation (I’ll be writing more about this soon!), finished school, swim lessons, and enjoying some much needed R&R after a busy school year. It’s been nice to have some respite with no agenda and some quality time with the family. šŸ™‚

Periodically this summer, I’m going to post some of my favorite things about SUMMER! This first post is about one of my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE things about summer–SUMMER READING! Summer Reading is yet another tradition in the Mosley home.Ā Today, I took my boys to register for Summer Reading at the library. They were so excited to get home, read books and mark off the circles on their reading chart. Of course, they are ecstatic that they can earn prizes as they mark off the circles on the chart. As a parent, I’m ecstatic that they are reading, journeying to worlds unknown, engaging their minds, and being shaped by the stories read. (Can you tell that I’m a bookworm?!?!?) Check with your local library for more information about their Summer Reading program. Your kiddos will LOVE it! The best part about Summer Reading is that it’s FREE!

I found this reading list for grades Kindergarten-8th grade last summer via one of my favorite blogs, “Between Two Worlds.” The list is from Calvary Classical School, a classical Christian school in Hampton, Virginia. If you’re looking for some quality literature to put before your child or to read to your child this summer, this list is a great one!

Also, Honey for a Child’s Heart, is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite books! Gladys Hunt has done a marvelous job of assembling rich, quality, you-won’t-want-to-put-the-book-down book lists for children. I was thankful to stumble upon this book! It came into our lives at a time when I was ready to turn in our library cards! My boys were choosing books at the library that were boring, poorly written, and often quite lacking. I was beginning toĀ hateĀ reading to my boys, which grieved me. This book resulted in a 180 in our home. Hunt introduced us to authors like Lois Lenski, Bill Peet, Leo Lionni and Robert McCloskey. The joy of reading together returned; thank you Gladys Hunt! This is another excellent resource if you’re looking for book list for summer reading. Better yet, buy theĀ Honey for a Child’s Heart: Kindle edition (half the price!) and take it with you to the library to track down some wonderful books for summer reading!

Where do you find quality literature for your kiddos?!?! Please comment and share! I’m always looking for new books!

Happy reading!