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Cycle 1 Week 14 resources (Math & Science)

14 Jan

Linear Equivalents.blog

Math-As an Abecedarian teacher in our CC Community, I like to have a visual for the Memory Work, if possible. I made one over the weekend for the Linear Equivalents. My Abecedarians were so cute today. They kept saying, “2.54 centimeters = 1 inchworm.” It was cause for many giggles during class. One of my Moms in class said, “Hey, it’s helping them learn it, so no worries!” Good point! Enjoy the inchworm at your house or CC class. 🙂 You can download the document here: Linear Equivalents

With all of my CC worksheets, I laminated it with this fabulous laminator to increase the longevity. 🙂 I cut the document into 3 strips (for the 3 different equivalencies) and covered up different parts as we were memorizing the specific equivalency. At home, you can cut all of the pieces up, put them in a pile and have your child sort out the 3 equivalencies by himself/herself. This is a great independent CC Review activity. 🙂

3 Kinds of Rock.blog

Science-The 3 kinds of rock-There are oodles of resources for the 3 kinds of rock. I made this activity above and used it as a visual to show my Abecedarians as we memorized these in class. You can also use this as a cut/paste activity or for CC Review at home (another great independent activity for review). Again, I laminate it and let my boys tape the word to the correct line. That way I can reuse this over and over and over! 🙂 This file can be found on CC Connected (username: suzannemosley)

My boys got the Magic School Bus: The Complete Series on DVD for Christmas. Amazon had a great “flash” sale on it the week before Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled! It’s been a great resource to go along with the CC Science. The Magic School Bus books would be great to incorporate with this week’s Science, too.

We read The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth  last week since we were learning about the parts of the earth. It also had some great information on the 3 kinds of rock, which would be great paired with this week, too. This is an Amazon 4 for 3 book, which allows you to buy 3 and get the 4th free! If you need some other books additionally, this might be a great time to stock up! It seems like most of the books I’m using are 4 for 3 books on Amazon. Check here for other Amazon 4 for 3 books I’ve highlighted previously on my blog.

And…if you missed my post last week, you can buy an Earth Science Unit Study (for less than $5!) that goes along perfectly with the CC Science for Weeks 13-24. I bought it last week and used it then. My boys enjoyed it. It was quick and simple to read together, and I loved how it allowed me to go deeper into the Science Memory Work with my boys. Another plus is that it’s saturated with Scripture! 🙂

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Cycle 1 Week 14 (History, the Songhai, Unreached People Groups & your family!)

14 Jan

File:Songhai man near Timbuktu, Mali 2012.jpg

Songhai of Africa–Pray, Pray, Pray! I have been so so so excited to share this resource with you guys!!! Ironically, my husband found it for me! My husband now knows who the Songhai are because after the first few times of listening to the CC Timeline song this fall he asked me, “Are they really saying ‘Some Guy in Africa’ on the timeline song?” HA! “No, Dear….”Songhai in Africa.” Sadly, neither he nor myself had heard of the Songhai before starting CC this fall. Thankfully, through CC, our family now knows who the ancient Songhai were.

BUT–it’s gets better!! Did you know that the Songhai people are still a living, breathing, beautiful people?!?!? My husband emailed me last week with a video by the International Mission Board.  This video highlights work that is going on among the Songhai to engage them with the gospel! PLEASE watch this Songhai video with your family! (It’s only 3 minutes! You can do it!) After you watch it, pray with your family for the Songhai who are currently an unreached people group, which means a group of people less than 2% Christian. I love that my boys now pray (unprompted by me!) for the Songhai to know Jesus. 🙂 What an amazing opportunity we have through CC to learn about this group of people that God made but even more–to pray for their salvation! Will your family join my family in praying this year for the Songhai of Africa? May they come to know the love of God through Jesus. Oh, I’d love for our family to have the opportunity to go and share Jesus with them. Maybe God will call out missionaries to the Songhai from one of the existing CC Communities! Here are some other resources that you can read about the work among the Songhai.I actually served with the International Mission Board among an unreached people group in Africa after college, so I love & am so thankful for their ministry and work! Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org


Lost Kingdoms of Africa-If you missed my post last week, you missed out on this gem that I found with our FREE streaming through Amazon Prime! Last week, we watched the episode about Ancient Kush, and it was GREAT! I was pleasantly surprised at how much my boys enjoyed the documentary; documentaries are a hit or miss with my boys (K and 2nd grade) since most are geared for adults. The Lost Kingdoms of Africa had 4 episodes, so I thought I’d check out the other 3 to see if they coordinated with our CC learning. The 3rd episode is about the Ancient Zimbabweans, which perfectly fits with Week 14, so we’re going to watch it this week! 🙂 Another CC mom in our community told me that she watched the same documentary about Ancient Kush last week. She watched it on Netflix. So, if you’re a Netflix or HuluPlus family, you may have access to this series as well.

BooksI used this series during the Fall semester when we were learning about Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. I loved the cute, information-filled poems about the Ancient civilizations! They were quite clever and fun reads with the boys! I was excited to find one about Ancient Africa in this series (and at my library!).

And we’ll listen to the respective Story of the World chapters on Ancient Ghana, Zanj and Zimbabwe.  I am LOVING having the Audiobooks for Story of the World Volume 1 and Volume 2. I got them over Christmas with the help of an Amazon giftcard from Swagbucks! I’m enjoying having a moment in our day to simply listen alongside my boys and just be a learner with them. 🙂 Even if it only takes 5 minutes I’m enjoying that small ‘break’ in my day to sit, to NOT be in charge, listen and learn. 🙂 See the Story of the World and CC History match ups here.

Enjoy Week 14! Now go watch the Songhai video and pray, pray, pray with your kiddos for them! 🙂

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