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Cycle 1, Week 9: Ancient China resources (and a GREAT movie!)

14 Nov

Historical Tales chapter books-I am excited to find some chapter books to coincide with some of our CC history study. I showed these 2 books to my oldest son, and he said, “Yes!” He was excited that I found them, too! 🙂 Each book only has about 6 chapters with 4-5 pages per chapter, so very attainable for young readers. I love the illustrations in both books, which I know will be appealing to my son! There is a “Words to Know” and “Introduction” section on the first page. The “Words to Know” explains new vocabulary, and the “Introduction” section gives some important historical background as well.

Missionary Biographies: Lottie Moon and Gladys Aylward-You know how I LOVE the Christian Heroes Now and Then series. There are 2 in the series that have missionaries who served in China–Lottie Moon and Gladys Aylward. Both of these women made significant contributions to building God’s kingdom in China. I had grown up hearing the story of Lottie Moon and even served as a missionary overseas after graduating from college; my funding came from a missions offering named after Lottie Moon. I didn’t know the story of Gladys Aylward until college. Kathy, one of my college roommates, made me sit down and watch The Inn of the Sixth Happiness with her one afternoon in our dorm. She couldn’t believe that I had never heard Aylward’s story. I was so glad she introduced me to Gladys. Thank you, Kathy! 🙂 The movie truly is a delight! I wish more of Hollywood’s movies focused on stories like hers. By the way, all of the Christian Heroes Now and Then books are all Amazon 4 for 3 books!

The Emperor’s Silent Army-I have always heard about the Terra Cotta Soldiers, but I honestly know nothing about them. I was excited to find this book so that we can read it together as a family! Most of the books I found about the soldiers were L-O-N-G. I knew that my boys would not sit through them. This one seems to be a happy medium. It appears to have good information, but presents in a concise way. My boys will appreciate it. 🙂

The Stonecutter, The Emperor’s New Clothes and more titles by Demi-I have enjoyed the author, Demi. One of my fellow CC tutors introduced me to her. She spent extended time in her life living in Asia, and her love for Asian culture is evidenced in her writings and illustrations of Ancient India and Ancient China. My boys CACKLED OUT LOUD when we read The Emperor’s New Clothes. We had to look through the book a second time after we completed reading it the first time. It truly was a delight to read with my boys. 🙂 She has some additional Ancient China-focused books besides these two above. DRAGON KITES And DRAGONFLIES. A Collection of Chinese Nursery Rhymes and A Chinese Zoo: Fables and Proverbs. You may want to look into those as well.

Good Times Travel Travel Agency: Ancient China-When we read the Ancient Egypt book in this series, my boys CACKLED like little girls. They thought it was SO hilarious! When I saw there was one about Ancient China, I hadto check it out for them at our library. I loved hearing them laugh, laugh, laugh in the back of our van as we turned out of the library parking lot; they were pumped about this book!

Five in a Row and Ancient China-If you’re unfamiliar with the Five in a Row series, it is a literature-based curriculum with several volumes. In each volume, rich, read-over-and-over again books are selected and featured. With each book chosen, the goal is to read it–5 days in a row. Each day the curriculum focuses on a different subject-art, geography, or math to name a few-using the featured book as the basis to explore that particular subject. Our family was introduced to these 2 books above through the Five in a Row curriculum. We actually have the audio tape to accompany the Tikki Tikki Tembo book; I can still hear the books repeating chant as I read the title “Tikki Tikki Tembono sa rembo-chari bari-ruchi-pip peri pembo!” Both of these books are set in Ancient China and are a lot of fun to read aloud. They are, also, both Amazon 4 for 3 books. Buy 3 selected books, get the 4th book free! It’s a GREAT deal! 🙂