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If you have children, I highly recommend this App…

13 Oct

For my CC readers, in case you haven’t heard, the CC Cycle 2 app for use with iPhone, iPad or iPod is available for $14.99 at the iTunes App store. My kids love it and can’t wait to review their Memory Work with it!

—>>>If you are a Suzanne Shares reader, and NOT a Classical Conversations family, PLEASE KEEP READING! The rest of this post is for YOU!<<<—

If you have preschool and/or school age children in your family, I would encourage you to purchase this app! Yes, even if you don’t participate in Classical Conversations.

Here’s why:

1) Skip counting songs–I can not say enough about the “Skip Counting Songs” (for use with skip counting numbers by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, and all the way up to the 15s!) to aid in memorizing and mastering multiplication facts. My oldest son participated in Classical Conversations for the first time last year. This was also the year that he learned his multiplication facts. I LOVE  Math but was freaked out at the idea of teaching him multiplication.

That Fall, we learned all of the “Skip Counting Songs” through Classical Conversations. That Spring, his math curriculum introduced multiplication. The “Skip Counting Songs” were already cemented into his brain, so that knowledge easily transferred over to multiplication facts. He learned his multiplication facts easily and painlessly. (WHEW!) No, I am not a teacher-extraordinaire–the “Skip Counting Songs” are!

If your child is struggling with multiplication facts, or you would like to ease into introducing them, buy this app; it will be worth every penny! Yes, $14.99 might seem a little “pricy” for an App, but if you think of the cost of a Multiplication Songs cd, they average between $10-$15. With this App, you will get the Skip Counting Songs…and so much more!

You will find these skip counting songs  on the MATH section of the App.

2) Presidents Song–My 3 sons (including my 3 year old!) all learned the Presidents of the United States last year. How? Again, I am not a teacher-extraordinaire–the “Presidents Song” is! This catchy song is on the Classical Conversations Cycle 2 App! After listening to this a few times, your kiddos will be able to sing the United States Presidents to you–in order. It is awe-inspiriting  to observe! Their 30-something-year-old Mom has finally learned all of the Presidents, too, thanks to this Presidents Song.

You will find the President’s Song on the TIMELINE section of the App (week 24).

3) Geography, History and Timeline facts–This App also has 24 weeks of Geography locations (the first week will teach your children all of the continents’ names and locations as well as the world’s oceans!), the 24 History Statements are set to music (and cover history ranging from 800-1990s), and a Timeline (covering 161 major historical events from Creation to the 2000s)

It’s no secret that children can memorize, memorize, memorize while they are young! (Seriously, my 3 year old could sing the President’s Song perfectly after hearing the song less than 10 times!) God made their little minds to soak up information like a sponge! Why not take advantage of their God-given ability and cram their little minds with facts from Math, History, Timeline, English Grammar, Latin, and Science while it’s easy for them? This will only propel them further in their future learning endeavors.

If you are looking for a way to do so, I whole-heartedly recommend the Classical Conversations Cycle 2 App.  If your child enjoys music, there is also a wonderful Timeline Song from Classical Conversations that can be purchased separately. It covers all of the Timeline Cards (excluding the Presidents) shown in the TIMELINE section of the App in a catchy, memorable, I-find-myself-singing-it-all-the-time song. (As a side note, the Timeline events have helped me tremendously in my understanding of the Bible. The historical context of the Old Testament was always “foggy” to me. As I have memorized the Timeline events thanks to the Timeline Song, my depth of understanding of the Old Testament has soared! I’m so, so thankful!)

I am excited to SHARE this wonderful resource with you! I would love to hear how your kiddos enjoy it!

Solar System Song (& my FAVORITE Geography Songs cd)

7 Oct

I’ve written extensively about my favorite geography cd–Geography Songs. I love it for so many reasons! One other fun song that is coming in handy these days is the Solar System Song. Buy it solo for $0.99 or buy the whole album for $8.99 (come on, just buy the whole album! You’ll thank me, I promise!) We are knee-deep in astronomy these days with Classical Conversations, so this is a helpful way for me to review the solar system order with my sons.

One note about the Solar System song–it lists 9 planets revolving around the sun. (I don’t think they got the memo about Pluto.) When I used it today in my Abecedarians class, I sang Neptuuuuuuuuuuuuune very loudly to cover up their singing of “Pluto.” I also sang “EIGHT PLANETS” very loudly to camouflage their joyful serenading of “NINE PLANETS revolve around the sun.” My little Abecedarians loved the song and didn’t seem to notice that I did a quick “re-write” off-the-cuff of the song. ha! 🙂

Enjoy the song, and don’t mind me, I’ll be over on the couch reading this book…

and loudly singing Neptuuuuuuuuuuuuuuune and “EIGHT PLANETS.”

I’m still a little bitter that my favorite planet as a child…is no longer a planet. Does anyone else share my sentiments?

Cycle 2, Week 1 resources

5 Sep

I have a few resources to pass along for Cycle 2, Week 1. I post these with fear and trepidation. I’ve come full circle in how we’re approaching our 2nd year of Classical Conversations. We’re doing less “match ups” for each CC week and focusing our efforts on memorizing the Grammar, since my 6 and 8 year olds are in the Grammar stage. 🙂 I’m writing a “Lessons Learned” post, which is quickly turning into a “series” of posts because I guess I had more to say than I realized when I sat down to write. I’m hoping to have those posts ready in the next week or so. All of that to say…here are a few of our favorites from week 1.

Geography-I wrote last month about one of our favorite, favorite, favorite CDs, “Geography Songs.” (Seriously, we love this cd! Is it obvious?!?!?) This cd came into our lives about 5 years ago, and we still can’t get enough of it! The Continents and Oceans Song fits perfectly with this week’s Geography. In my Abecedarians class, I’ll be using this song the rest of our CC year as we review the continents and oceans each week in Geography and when Blob Mapping. (Thank you Brandy @ Half A Hundred Acre Wood for the blob map resources.)

You can download the Continents and Oceans Song for $0.99, or you can download the whole MP3 album containing 33 songs for $8.99 (which is a GREAT deal!) There is also an Audio CD and accompanying coloring book if you’d rather go that route. We have the audio CD and have about worn our van’s CD player out listening to this. 🙂 This would be a great birthday or Christmas gift for your kiddos.

8 Parts of Speech-2

8 Parts of Speech –Okay, you need to log onto CC Connected RIGHT NOW and search for username: “NoGreaterJoy5” and download her “8 Parts of Speech” song (Woo!). It’s official title is, “2013 AJT Cy2 W1 English 8 POS Song.” Amy Joy Tofte, thank you, thank you, thank you for this FUN, FUN, FUN (and oh-so-singable-and-memorable) song. My Abecedarians loved it (and so did their teacher! ha!) And, while you’re on CC Connected searching by “NoGreaterJoy5” also select “Misc” on the dropdown menu to find her “A Day in the Life of a CC Family” document. It’s a gem! She clearly, simply articulates how her family does “CC at home.”

I made a little cut/paste activity with the 8 Parts of Speech (shown above). You can download it here: 8 Parts of Speech

Also, while you’re rockin’ out singing the “8 Parts of Speech” song, have more fun with the 8 parts of speech through Mad Libs! Don’t you remember Jr. High/Middle School days and Mad Libs?!?!? Well, what a fun way to review, practice, master and laugh your guts out about the 8 parts of speech. My sons ordered Mad Libs this summer, and I love when they ask me, “Mom, can you help me think of an adverb?” They’re learning and don’t even realize it. Love, love, love! There are a million different Mad Libs options including Happily Ever Mad Libs for the princess in your life,  Star Wars Mad Libs for the boys in your life, and Mad Libs Junior for the younger kiddos in your life. Order some Mad Libs gather ’round the table or couch after dinner and laugh, laugh, laugh together!

Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood

Hope that your Cycle 2 year is off to a great start! 🙂 This post is a part of the Cycle 2, Week 1 Link Up over at Half a Hundred Acre Wood. Go there to find other great Cycle 2 resources!

Geography Songs: A family favorite, CC Cycle 2 and adoption

8 Aug

I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to *SHARE* one of our family’s favorite cds, Geography Songs (You Never Forget What You Sing). We were first introduced to the cd by my friend, Amy, a mother to 5 boys, 3 biological and 2 from Ethiopia. She said that her family used it over and over while they were waiting to bring home their first son from Ethiopia. She explained that the songs on the CD have all of the countries of the world set to catchy little tunes. I love geography, maps, and all things “world”ish, so we bought it ASAP.

When our oldest son was still a baby, a friend wisely told me to find as many resources that I could with information set to music. She said, “He’ll never forget what he sings.” That’s actually the tagline to this wonderful Geography Songs cd–You Never Forget What You Sing. And, isn’t that true?!?!? I can still remember the silliest things that I learned as a child. Isn’t it a beautiful idea to have children learn important information set to music?!?! (That’s one of the million reasons we love our homeschool tutorial, Classical Conversations, since it’s based on this same philosophy.) So, if you are looking for a fun way to introduce your child to the world, I can not recommend this enough!

My favorite things about the cd:

  • Brilliant combination of information and music–Each song is based on a section of the world, for example, Northern Africa. The song goes through each country within that region of the world. Each country of the region is listed and sung to a creative musical score. The music for each song is based on music from that region of the world; I love the intentionality behind that! (“South Asia” is my favorite example of this having spent time in that region of the world and familiar with its music.)
  • Learning happens effortlessly–The CD contains a “Continents and Oceans Song.” Our middle son was 3 when we got this cd, and he knew all continents and oceans after about 48 hours. He sauntered around the house shouting the names of the continents and the oceans. I LOVED IT! Now, clearly, he had no idea what he was saying and what that meant. However, when he learned the continents in Classical Conversations last year, he immediately started singing the song. My heart was full. You, too, may find your child walking around your house singing “Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Island of Cyprus, Jordan…” So, if you don’t want your child exposed to all the countries of the world in a fun musical way, I would not buy this cd. However, if you do, this is a must purchase.

I would recommend all parents buy this cd for their kiddos. I  would  really recommend this cd to anyone…

  • adopting internationally–This would be a fun way to introduce your children to the geography related to where their brother or sister lives. What a fun way to include the whole family in learning, preparing for the new addition! 🙂
  • participating in Classical Conversations–Although the songs don’t perfectly “match up” with the Geography grammar for the particular cycles, all of the countries in the Geography grammar are included in songs on the cd. (After all, it’s all the same planet, right?!?!) Particularly of interest for Cycle 2 is the “Continents and Oceans” song on the CD, which is part of the Geography grammar for Cycle 2. You better believe I’ll be singing along with it as my Abecedarians and I learn those locations.
  • interested in opening the world to a child–This cd is a remarkable avenue for introducing children to the beautiful world in which we live. As they learn the countries and regions of the world through song, this is a natural segue way to showing them the locations on a globe or map.  (We have, and I’m in love with the Hugg-A-Planet Globe, which we bought to use with the cd. And, I might also have this World Map Shower Curtain. I told you I’m a wee bit into geography and maps.)

You can buy the songs in two different versions. There is a CD and book combo or an MP3 album download. Either way you chose, go for it! Drop back by and let me know how you’re enjoying it!! It’s okay to confess if you bought the Hugg-A-Planet Globe and World Map Shower Curtain, too. Really, it is; I won’t think you’re weird. 🙂