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In case you wonder how I do it all….

7 Nov

Really, it’s not that hard…

imageSchool room–masterfully, organized–check!

imageKitchen area–spotless–check! (Does it count that I have my cleaning supplies OUT in preparation clean sometime-in-the-not-too-distant-future (maybe Saturday??)


Entry Hall–toys put away by son #3 and dirty clothes put away by son #2–check! Wow, I am on a roll!

I would show you a picture of my bedroom, but I don’t want to shame you. It is completely spotless, dusted, all laundry put away, bed made. You get the picture. 🙂

HAHAHAHAHA! I try to remind you often that I don’t have it all together or all figured out. I have been laughing out loud this afternoon as I walk around my house and just HAD to share it with you. 🙂 🙂  It’s days like these when I can tell we’ve had a good school day. Nothing is ever where it is supposed to be. I will work on it tonight, and it will be ok (but probably still not perfectly so-so as I’d like). It seems like I woke up this morning with an 8, 6, and almost 4 year old after putting to bed 3 tiny infants. Their lives are zooming forward at the speed of light. If that means my house is messy so that I can savor one day with my 8, 6, and almost 4 year old, I am okay with that. 🙂

So, this afternoon (and tonight AND the next day…AND the day after that) give yourself some grace; no one has it all together. Savor moments with your family and kiddos, and relax. 🙂 AND…if you’re husband comes home and he’s upset that your house isn’t spotless, just show him my pictures, and he will feel lots better about your day’s efforts. 🙂 Oooh, gotta go…smelling something burning on my stove. Burned chili for dinner-awesome.

Just keepin’ it real…

22 Jun


I’m always tryin’ to keep it real here @ Suzanne Shares. I think it’s easy to read blogs and think that those writing have it all together. This is an easy assumption when we see only snapshots of others’ lives rather than real-time, video footage. 🙂 And, I think we, as women, put undue pressure on each other (without realizing it) when we act like we have it all together; we assume all women have it all together and must be losers because we don’t. By doing so, we miss out on opportunities to share with women and others as to how God has met us in the midst of our chaos, “not-all-together life.” I actually just had this conversation earlier in the week with a college friend battling through postpartum depression. We had both shown our scars to one another; we were encouraged & the Lord was glorified. (Sorry, I digress…) So, along those lines, here’s a snapshot into how I spent my Saturday.

What are those piles of pictures and envelopes you ask? Well, those are Christmas cards that we received 6 months ago (it’s half way to Christmas people!!! how is that possible?!?!?) and have been sitting on my desk in our bedroom. I saved these particular cards so that I could update addresses for my “Christmas Card List” Excel spreadsheet (which is a GREAT way to keep up with addresses, btw.) I spent this afternoon entering the addresses in my Excel file. Yup, that’s right! Nothing like completing a task 6 months later (and I may or may not have let dust collect on top of them for the past 6 months. I digress….)

So, here’s to keepin’ it real! And here’s a quote from one of my spiritual heroes, Elisabeth Elliot, in her book, The Shaping of a Christian Family: How My Parents Nurtured My Faith, which I just finished & highly recommend (YAY for summer reading!!). May this encourage us Mommas (and Dads, if you’re reading!) today as we walk through life with the majority of our days spent on ordinary things. The Lord is in the ordinary things. May we see Him in them, glorify Him through them.

“Ordinary work, which is what most of us do most of the time, is ordained by God every bit as much as the extraordinary. All work done for God is spiritual work and therefore not merely duty but a holy privilege.” (Elisabeth Elliot)