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Book It Program: Homeschool Registration for 2014-15 is OPEN

1 May

I wrote about this last year, and I’m excited to share it again this year! Drum Roll, please! It’s time to register your kiddos for Book It!!

What is Book It, you ask?!?! The Book It Program is reading incentive program where children can earn a free Pizza Hut personal pan pizza by reading! The Book It Program is available through public and private school children, but did you know it’s also open to homeschooling families? Registration for the 2014-15 school year is OPEN as of today for homeschooling families. To register your Kindergarten through 6th grade kiddos, visit this link. This will be our 5th year to participate in Book It, and my boys love, love, love it! They love it probably just as much as their Mom did when she was a girl! Enrollment is free! You will receive your Enrollment Packet in the fall with your free Pizza Hut personal pan pizza coupons per eligible child. It always seems like the Enrollment Packet will never arrive as the fall approaches, but it always does. (Don’t panic like I usually do! ha!)

So, stop what you’re doing and register your children! As a Mom, I feel like Book It is a special treat for me, too. I always save the boys’ pizzas for lunch on a school day. It’s so nice to have one day a month “off” from being the “school lunch lady.” 🙂


Book-It Program: Homeschool registration for 2013-14 starts now!

1 May

I remember with fondness the Book-It! Program from my elementary school days. There was nothing like my teacher handing me my Book It! coupon for a FREE Pizza Hut personal pan pizza when I had met my monthly reading goal. When we started homeschooling 3 years ago, I was excited to learn that they extend the program to homeschooling families! This is our 3rd year to participate, and it’s been a fun treat for my boys! Now, whenever they meet their monthly reading goals, they can enjoy their own personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut….just like their good ol’ Mom used to enjoy when I was there age.

The sign ups for the 2013-14 school year started this week! Follow this link or click on the image above and register your children who will be in K-6 for the 2013-14 school year. You will receive a nice home educator kit, which includes the coupon vouchers for each child enrolled. The kit usually includes a small poster where your child can make and keep up with his/her reading goals.  You will not receive the kit now, so don’t be on the look out for it until around September. I always wonder if they’ve forgotten me by the time it shows up in our mailbox! AND….the best part is that enrollment and participation is FREE! So, go register your kiddos and watch them gobble up some yummy pizza! Oh, and one of my other favorite parts about Book It! is that it means one meal per month that this Momma is off the hook for cooking dinner! YAY! 🙂

Zax Mail Club–free food for ADULTS!

7 Dec

Zaxby's Kidz ClubI wrote a post a couple of months ago about the Zax Kidz Club and how much we LOVE it! If you haven’t signed your kids up for it yet, stop everything, go read the post and sign them up! 🙂 We just got Son #3’s (our December baby!) free birthday kids meal this week. 🙂 Thanks, Zaxby’s!

If you’re an adult and you love Zaxby’s, I have good news! There’s an “Adult Club” of sorts from Zaxby’s. It’s called the “Zax Mail Club.” All that you need to join is an email address. 🙂 By signing up, you get a coupon emailed to you for one FREE meal deal, and they’ll send you a coupon for a free Nibble sandwich on your birthday! Thanks to my friend, Mandy for telling me about this! 🙂

So, go sign up for the Zax Kidz Club and the Zax Mail Club and enjoy some free, YUMMY Zaxby’s!

Kids Eat Free @ Chili’s (11/12-11/14)

12 Nov

It’s Kids Eat Free time again at Chili’s! Click here to get your coupon. This runs from Monday, November 12-Wednesday, November 14. Also, if you haven’t signed up for the Chili’s Email Club, do so here before you go! You’ll get a coupon for Free Chips and Queso that you can use when you go! Free Chips and Queso AND Kids Eat Free!

Remember, for each adult entree purchased, you get TWO free Kids Meals. When you have more than 2 kiddos like we do, this is a wonderful thing! Go eat some chips and salsa for me this week. 🙂

Zaxby’s Kidz Club & Kids Eat Free today if dressed in costume?

31 Oct

We live about 30 seconds from Zaxby’s in our town. When we moved here 18 months ago, several people warned us that such close proximity to Zaxby’s was dangerous. We didn’t have a Zaxby’s nearby where we lived previously, so I didn’t understand what they meant. Fast forward 18 months, and I now TOTALLY understand what they meant. 🙂 Zaxby’s=highly addictive.

One of our first months here, our boys got kids meals from Zaxby’s. On the kids meal sack, it had a form for enrollment in the Zax Kidz Club. I filled out the form for all 3 of my boys and mailed it in. The form said they got a FREE COOKIE just for joining (my real purpose in signing up!) and a free kids meal on their birthdays. I had LOW EXPECTATIONS for the Zax Kidz Club and actually forgot that I had enrolled. I remembered the following  week when all three boys received a Zax Kids Club postcard with a Free Cookie coupon. Several months later, in July, my two sons who share a birthday month both received their Free Kids Meal coupon postcard in the mail. The next month, August, they all received another Free Cookie coupon in the mail for Back to School. In October, they all got a Free Kids Meal coupon for Halloween and in December, they got free cookies for Christmas. In February, they each got another Free Cookie coupon for Valentine’s. In May, they each received a Free Cookie card for Mother’s Day; they were supposed to use it as a gift for their Mom on Mother’s Day (how cute?!?!?). Wow, Zaxby’s! Thanks for all of the yummy, Zaxby’s food…for free! 🙂

After initial LOW EXPECTATIONS for the Zax Kidz Club, I’ve turned into quite the advocate for it! My boys get some really great yummy, free Zaxby’s food all throughout the year. They love taking their coupons in and getting free cookies or kids meals, and I love how it stretches our Eating Out budget. 🙂 For example, this past Sunday we had Zaxby’s for lunch after church because my boys had just received their Free Kids Meals postcards for Halloween last week. We usually eat out for lunch on Sundays, and earlier last week, I was wondering how we were going to stretch the $10 left in our budget for Sunday’s lunch. The next day, the Zax Kidz Club postcards arrived. 🙂

If you haven’t signed up your child/children for the Zax Kidz Club, you totally should! You can download the form here and mail it to them. Your Free Cookie card will arrive in a couple of weeks. The Zax Kidz Club is open to children age 10 and under. Make sure to fill out individual forms if you have multiple children. Don’t forget to fill in the date of your child’s birthday; he/she wouldn’t want to miss their Free Kids Meal around birthday time!

Also, our local Zaxby’s is giving a Free Kids Meal TODAY to kiddos wearing their Halloween Costumes. I have a lunch date there with a Civil War Soldier, a Ninja and a Knight! 🙂 If you have a Zaxby’s close by, call ahead and see if they have the same promotion.

Kids Eat Free @ Chili’s (Today through 10/31)

29 Oct


If you don’t feel like cooking tonight, tomorrow night or Wednesday night, head over to Chili’s for KIDS EAT FREE. 🙂

Why I love Kids Eat Free @ Chili’s:
*2 Kids Meals per paying adult. At other establishments, it’s a 1:1 ratio. We have three kiddos in our family, so we still have to pay for one child during Kids Eat Free at other restaurants. Not so with Chili’s! For each paying adult, you get TWO Free Kids Meals. All Mosley children eat free at Chili’s. 🙂 That makes the Mosleys’ wallet happy. 🙂

*I love Chili’s Chips and Salsa. I confess–I’m addicted to chips and salsa. There, I said it! Chili’s has the best! Kids Eat Free is nice on the Mosleys’ wallet, and it also helps me feed my chips and salsa addiction. Did I mention that they’re BOTTOMLESS?!?!?

I found out about Chili’s Kids Eat Free promotion this week because I’m a member of their Email Club. If you’re not a member of their email club, go here to sign up. You get a free Chips and Queso appetizer immediately after signing up! You’ll also get a Free Dessert each year on your anniversary with the Email Club. I also get special coupons and promotions every other week–Free Appetizer, Free Dessert, etc. Chili’s Email Club is one of the best around.

Enjoy your dinner @ Chili’s this week. Eat some chips and salsa for me! Better yet, find me in the restaurant when you drop by. I’ll be in the corner enjoying Bottomless Chips and Salsa. ha! 🙂