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If you have children, I highly recommend this App…

13 Oct

For my CC readers, in case you haven’t heard, the CC Cycle 2 app for use with iPhone, iPad or iPod is available for $14.99 at the iTunes App store. My kids love it and can’t wait to review their Memory Work with it!

—>>>If you are a Suzanne Shares reader, and NOT a Classical Conversations family, PLEASE KEEP READING! The rest of this post is for YOU!<<<—

If you have preschool and/or school age children in your family, I would encourage you to purchase this app! Yes, even if you don’t participate in Classical Conversations.

Here’s why:

1) Skip counting songs–I can not say enough about the “Skip Counting Songs” (for use with skip counting numbers by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, and all the way up to the 15s!) to aid in memorizing and mastering multiplication facts. My oldest son participated in Classical Conversations for the first time last year. This was also the year that he learned his multiplication facts. I LOVE  Math but was freaked out at the idea of teaching him multiplication.

That Fall, we learned all of the “Skip Counting Songs” through Classical Conversations. That Spring, his math curriculum introduced multiplication. The “Skip Counting Songs” were already cemented into his brain, so that knowledge easily transferred over to multiplication facts. He learned his multiplication facts easily and painlessly. (WHEW!) No, I am not a teacher-extraordinaire–the “Skip Counting Songs” are!

If your child is struggling with multiplication facts, or you would like to ease into introducing them, buy this app; it will be worth every penny! Yes, $14.99 might seem a little “pricy” for an App, but if you think of the cost of a Multiplication Songs cd, they average between $10-$15. With this App, you will get the Skip Counting Songs…and so much more!

You will find these skip counting songs  on the MATH section of the App.

2) Presidents Song–My 3 sons (including my 3 year old!) all learned the Presidents of the United States last year. How? Again, I am not a teacher-extraordinaire–the “Presidents Song” is! This catchy song is on the Classical Conversations Cycle 2 App! After listening to this a few times, your kiddos will be able to sing the United States Presidents to you–in order. It is awe-inspiriting  to observe! Their 30-something-year-old Mom has finally learned all of the Presidents, too, thanks to this Presidents Song.

You will find the President’s Song on the TIMELINE section of the App (week 24).

3) Geography, History and Timeline facts–This App also has 24 weeks of Geography locations (the first week will teach your children all of the continents’ names and locations as well as the world’s oceans!), the 24 History Statements are set to music (and cover history ranging from 800-1990s), and a Timeline (covering 161 major historical events from Creation to the 2000s)

It’s no secret that children can memorize, memorize, memorize while they are young! (Seriously, my 3 year old could sing the President’s Song perfectly after hearing the song less than 10 times!) God made their little minds to soak up information like a sponge! Why not take advantage of their God-given ability and cram their little minds with facts from Math, History, Timeline, English Grammar, Latin, and Science while it’s easy for them? This will only propel them further in their future learning endeavors.

If you are looking for a way to do so, I whole-heartedly recommend the Classical Conversations Cycle 2 App.  If your child enjoys music, there is also a wonderful Timeline Song from Classical Conversations that can be purchased separately. It covers all of the Timeline Cards (excluding the Presidents) shown in the TIMELINE section of the App in a catchy, memorable, I-find-myself-singing-it-all-the-time song. (As a side note, the Timeline events have helped me tremendously in my understanding of the Bible. The historical context of the Old Testament was always “foggy” to me. As I have memorized the Timeline events thanks to the Timeline Song, my depth of understanding of the Old Testament has soared! I’m so, so thankful!)

I am excited to SHARE this wonderful resource with you! I would love to hear how your kiddos enjoy it!


DIY Tri-Fold Board–creative uses in class & at home

29 Jul

I wrote yesterday about my bff Tri-fold Dry Erase Board. It truly is magical! You should definitely make one!! It LITERALLY took my husband less than 30 minutes to make mine! Amazing! As promised, here are some other ways that I’ve gotten creative with my Tri-fold Dry Erase Board…

In class–

Timeline cards–I first thought to write the titles of the 7 weekly timeline cards on my board. However, I really wanted my kiddos to see them. (I’m an Abecedarian tutor, so not all kiddos in my class can read.) I put 7 of these page protectors (size 5.5×8.5) across the middle of the board to hold the timeline cards in place. I LOVED this epiphany because I was fearful that, if taped, I would lose some in-transit to CC. Now, these little page protectors act like mama kangaroos protecting my timeline cards in their little pockets. 🙂 I, also, liked that the timeline cards stretched across my board visually dividing it in half. I could have 3 subjects on top and 3 on the bottom. 🙂 My type A brain loves the symmetry. 🙂 🙂 Again, with Abecedarians, I’m always looking for visual breaks or arrangement to aid them in memorizing.


Fine Arts–My other bff, blue painter’s tape, and I had fun creatively playing with the BACK of the board! You hadn’t thought of using the back had you?!?!? For the weeks with Tin Whistle, I made a musical staff on the back of my board. I used this to teach the notes of the musical scale and to also let them play/review with the notes to reinforce their learning.


New Grammar & Review Games–With the Latin packets that I made for the declensions last year, I made a grid on the back of my board to give my Abecedarians a visual of the Latin Noun Endings and its corresponding Noun Case. The possibilities of using this with New Grammar are endless. After all, you have the entire BACK of the board to play with! I’m thinking to make another grid to go along with this year’s pronouns, and I might make cards with my Abecedarians’ names to show our order for Presentations. I would tape those on the back as well. This also served as a great tool for review during our Review Games time. Oh yes we DID use it for our Nerf Gun Review Game!!!

At home–


I wouldn’t necessarily erase the New Grammar from week to week so that it would still be written on my board for use at home. This was especially helpful for the weeks that my sons were sick and stayed home from CC. Those occasions I went ahead to class and taught my rockin’ Abecedarians. After my sons’ illness subsided I was able to whip out my board at home to teach them the week’s New Grammar.

I also took advantage of using it for reviewing at home, as well. When I established the Latin Grid on the back of the board last year, I would have the boys remove the endings and put them in the correct box. That was a quick, easy way to review our Latin for the week.

AND…when we’re not doing CC, it just makes a wonderful gigantic dry erase board for my boys to draw on! Who doesn’t love a life size dry erase board?!?!? We even used it this summer at our church as a gigantic, life-size calendar for our summer events for kids. It’s so versatile, multi-purpose and inexpensive that I recommend this for any person to have for use at home or work!

Have any of you made the DIY Tri-fold Dry Erase Board?!?!? Would love to learn from you about creative ways that you’ve used this at home, work or in your CC class. Please comment and share below!

Cycle 2-Latin resource–FREE (and a great CC blog!)

3 Jul

photo credit: mflteacher.com

One of my favorite Classical Conversations blog is Sola Gratia Mom. She always has FUN ideas and projects for each week’s New Grammar. I got some wonderful ideas last year for projects related to the science grammar. We made this wonderful model of each continent’s highest mountain after seeing her post, and that project was one of our highlights this spring. The boys and I had a BLAST making it!

She’s already cranking out some great things for Cycle 2! RIGHT NOW she has a wonderful Latin resource for Cycle 2, and it’s FREE! It’s a bright, colorful file folder game with the 1st Conjugation Endings. Go over to her blog to get this great resource!  Have you found any great Cycle 2 resources yet? If so, share them below in the comments! 🙂

If you want to know more about Classical Conversations, click the image above or visit their website.

OR, better yet, attend a FREE Parent Practicum this summer to learn more about Classical Education and Classical Conversations. It is a wonderful (and FREE!) encouraging homeschool conference. Click here to search by your zip code to find a Parent Practicum near you.

Latin PRINTABLE (Weeks 23 and 24)

28 Mar

Latin Fifth Declension PacketThe Latin 5th Declension Packet is ready! You can download it here: Latin Fifth Declension Packet

Also, if you’ve missed my past posts with the other 4 declension packets, here they are: First Declension, Second Declension, Third Declension, and Fourth Declension. Also, here’s a link to how I made a GRID on the back of my CC board for class and use these packets on the grid.

So many of you have commented and indicated that these have been helpful for you and for your kiddos. I am so thankful and humbled by your words! Latin is intimidating to most of us. 🙂 I’m thankful that these sheets have helped make Latin accessible to all of us (myself included!). I am so thankful that my children have the opportunity to learn Latin. A significant amount of our English words originated from Latin particularly in the medical field. So, just think, you’re helping prepare your child for his/her future occupation. PLUS, so many of the foreign languages traditionally studied in the United States, like Spanish or French are Latin derivatives. Those languages will be a piece of cake after studying Latin! The mental assertion and discipline required when learning a foreign language is also a wonderful exercise for our children (and their parents! ha!); they’re strengthening their brains (literally!) and keeping them sharp. So, give yourself a pat on the back for staying on this Latin journey! I’m already looking forward to Cycle 2 Latin, aren’t you?!?!

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