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Mothers of sons–you need this catalog

5 Nov

photo (3)I have read on numerous blogs about JMCremp’s. It is a company specializing in toys and gear for BOYS! There are bows and arrows, fishing gear, camo, swords, pocket knives, tents, farm toys, and more. I ordered their free catalog, and it came this week–GLORIOUS! My three boys have been pouring over it non-stop. Before bed tonight, my 3 year old went through every page, and said, “We need this and this and this and this.” Hilarious!

So, if you want several afternoons of quiet solitude, order this catalog. Your sons will be entertained for hours! Or, if you have boys in your life and need some Christmas ideas, order this catalog. As a mother of sons, I guarantee they’ll love anything from the catalog (at least that’s what my 3 year old told me!)

Brown & Silver: Son #2 composes his first sentence

24 Oct
IMG_9808Son #2, who is pretty Awesome–365 days a year (but after today, it may be 364 days this year. ha!)

It’s that moment I have been anticipating with Son #2: the day he would compose his first sentence. Grant it, he’s been copying sentences for a while now and he speaks millions of sentences each day. (He, by far, is our most “talkative” son.) Today, was different; today, he would compose his first original, creative sentence. I was ecstatic!

He and I sat down this morning to do his grammar curriculum. Yesterday, we learned the definition of a sentence, talked about a sentence beginning with a capital letter and ending with a punctuation mark. His task today was to write a sentence about a family member. I was the chosen one–me, his mother. He chose to write his sentence about me. Again, I couldn’t have been more ecstatic.

Following along with his lesson, I tell him that he gets to create his own sentence about a member of our family. The sentence would be a statement, and statements give information. This is how the fateful event took place…

Me: “Son #2, create a statement giving information about a member of our family.”

Son #2: “Okay, I’m going to pick YOU for my sentence.”

Me: “Love it, son! I’m so honored that you chose me.”

Son #2: “Here’s my sentence, Mom. (Clearing his throat.) My mom’s hair is brown and silver.

Me: (Trying not to let my embarrassment and anger get the best of me.) The only word I could muster was, “Wow.”

We, then, laughed so hard that we cried (at least I was crying, and I’m not so sure that it was because I was laughing so hard! ha!) Needless to say, I will never-no-never forget Son #2’s first composed sentence.