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Egg Carton Multiplication & Skip Counting Game (FREE printable!)

15 Sep


I thought I’d resurrect this post from the archives. This is a Multiplication/Skip Counting Egg Carton game that I came up with two years ago during our first year of CC. Read the original post for detailed instructions about creating your own game at home! I made my skip counting numbers out of construction paper. After reading my post last year, the marvelous Brandy Ferrell created a FREE PRINTABLE to share with everyone for the¬†skip-count-cards. If you don’t feel like cutting up teeny tiny construction pieces of paper, download this free printable, “Control + P” and you’re done!

Tutors, I have used this in class to do a massive “skip counting” review during our Review Game time at the end of our CC day. I had 3 stations and a parent at each station. Each station went through 2 or 3 different skip counting numbers, and then, we rotated to the different stations.

Here are a few pictures of this inexpensive, stick in the sand game. If you are not a Classical Conversations family, read the original post and know that you can use this same game at home with your kiddos to practice and review multiplication facts. Also, here’s a FABULOUS Usborne Lift The Flap Time Tables book that is another great way to review multiplication facts! (You know how I love Usborne!)


imageEgg Carton Multiplicationimage

Cycle 2 Math Resources Second Semester

18 Jan

These are some various Math resources that can be used with Classical Conversations or by any family wanting to reinforce some Math concepts at home.

Liquid Equivalent Activity

Liquid Measurement Equivalencies: This activity helps with how many cups are in a pint, pints in a gallon, etc. ūüôā I always have to remind myself of these when I’m cooking! You can download the activity here:¬†Liquid Equivalents Activity¬†. Also, visit this post for a couple of different “Mr. Gallon Man” options. My sons loved making their own “Mr. Gallon” man. We have them hanging in our school room, and it is another great visual to reinforce these liquid equivalents.

Linear Equivalents.blog

Linear Measurement Equivalencies:¬†I made this to use with my Abecedarians in my CC Class. Last year, my sweet little kiddos kept saying, “2.54 = 1 INCHWORM” instead of “1 inch.” Hilarious! You can download the file here:¬†Linear Equivalents

Metric Measurements

Metric Measurement Equivalencies:¬†Don’t you remember converting the metric system when you were in school?!?! I remember that our teacher taught us “Kids Hate Doing Meters, Don’t Confuse Me” as a mnemonic¬†device for remembering the various metric prefixes. See, teachers, keep passing those mnemonic¬†onto your kiddos, they work! I learned that approximately 25 years ago! (Whew, I’m old! HA!) You can download the file here:¬†Metric Measurements

Math Laws

Math Laws:¬†Here’s a quick printable with the 4 Math Laws for Addition and Multiplication. I laminated these for my students. As we recited the laws, they traced over the letters and numbers using a dry erase marker. One of the perks of laminating documents is that they can be used again and again with a dry erase marker. (I have this laminator and love it immensely.) Download the file here:¬†Math Laws

How Tall, How Short, How Far Away? (David A. Adler)–While you’re studying measurements and equivalencies, check out this gem of a book! It is a vibrantly illustrated book that will be a fun way to see these few weeks of Math Grammar come to life. Go here to read a post I wrote about the book last year.

Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood

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If you have children, I highly recommend this App…

13 Oct

For my CC readers, in case you haven’t heard, the CC Cycle 2 app for use with iPhone, iPad or iPod is available for $14.99 at the iTunes App store. My kids love it and can’t wait to review their Memory Work with it!

—>>>If you are a Suzanne Shares reader, and NOT a Classical Conversations family, PLEASE KEEP READING! The rest of this post is for YOU!<<<—

If you have preschool and/or school age children in your family, I would encourage you to purchase this app! Yes, even if you don’t participate in Classical Conversations.

Here’s why:

1) Skip counting songs–I can¬†not¬†say enough about the “Skip Counting Songs” (for use with skip counting numbers by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, and all the way up to the 15s!) to aid in memorizing and mastering multiplication facts. My oldest son participated in Classical Conversations for the first time last year. This was also the year that he learned his multiplication facts. I LOVE¬† Math but¬†was¬†freaked out¬†at the idea of teaching him multiplication.

That Fall, we learned all of the “Skip Counting Songs” through Classical Conversations. That Spring, his math curriculum¬†introduced multiplication. The “Skip Counting Songs” were already cemented into his brain, so that knowledge easily transferred over to multiplication facts. He learned his multiplication facts easily and painlessly. (WHEW!) No, I am not a teacher-extraordinaire–the “Skip Counting Songs” are!

If your child is struggling with multiplication facts, or you would like to ease¬†into introducing them, buy this app; it will be worth every penny! Yes, $14.99 might seem a little “pricy” for an App, but if you think of the cost of a Multiplication Songs cd, they average between $10-$15. With this App, you will get the Skip Counting Songs…and so much more!

You will find these skip counting songs  on the MATH section of the App.

2) Presidents Song–My 3 sons (including my 3 year old!) all learned the Presidents of the United States last year. How? Again, I am not a teacher-extraordinaire–the “Presidents Song” is! This catchy song is on the Classical Conversations Cycle 2 App! After listening to this a few times, your kiddos will be able to sing the United States Presidents to you–in order. It is awe-inspiriting ¬†to observe! Their 30-something-year-old Mom has finally learned all of the Presidents, too, thanks to this Presidents Song.

You will find the President’s Song on the TIMELINE section of the App (week 24).

3) Geography, History and Timeline facts–This App also has 24 weeks of Geography locations (the first week will teach your children all of the continents’ names and locations as well as the world’s oceans!), the 24 History Statements are set to music (and cover history ranging from 800-1990s), and a Timeline (covering 161 major historical events from Creation to the 2000s)

It’s no secret that children can memorize, memorize, memorize while they are young! (Seriously, my 3 year old could sing the President’s Song perfectly after hearing the song less than 10 times!) God made their little minds to soak up information like a sponge! Why not take advantage of their God-given ability and cram their little minds with facts from Math, History, Timeline, English Grammar, Latin, and Science while it’s easy for them? This will only propel them further in their future learning endeavors.

If you are looking for a way to do so, I whole-heartedly recommend the Classical Conversations Cycle 2 App.¬† If your child enjoys music, there is also a wonderful Timeline Song from Classical Conversations that can be purchased separately. It covers all of the Timeline Cards (excluding the Presidents) shown in the TIMELINE section of the App in a catchy, memorable, I-find-myself-singing-it-all-the-time song. (As a side note, the Timeline events have helped me¬†tremendously¬†in my understanding of the Bible. The historical context of the Old Testament was always “foggy” to me. As I have memorized the Timeline events thanks to the Timeline Song, my depth of understanding of the Old Testament has soared! I’m so, so thankful!)

I am excited to SHARE this wonderful resource with you! I would love to hear how your kiddos enjoy it!

Egg Carton Multiplication and Skip Counting Game–FREE PRINTABLE

5 Oct


If you missed¬†my post earlier in the week highlighting the Egg Carton Multiplication and Skip Counting Game that we use ’round our house, you can read more about it here.

GREAT NEWS for those of you wanting to make this for your kiddos, Brandy from Half a Hundred Acre Wood made a printable with ALL of the numbers needed for skip counting/multiplying the 1s, 2s, 3s,…all the way to the 15s AND including the squares and cubes! ūüôā One of the fun things about creating this blog a year ago is that I’ve gotten to make fun friends out in the blogosphere. I even got to meet Brandy this summer @ our CC Practicum; she was our tutor trainer (how awesome is that?!?!) She’s just as wonderful, humble, enthusiastic, and caring in person as evidenced and exuded by her blog. She graciously emailed me the file to share with all of YOU! Download the file, print it (I would probably laminate it…because I laminate everything! ha!), number your egg carton, and you’re set! SO EASY!¬†

—>>Here’s the file! Click to download:¬†skip-count-cards¬†<<—

Also, two other quick suggestions:
1) 1 and 1/2 dozen egg carton–Brandy wisely used an 18-egg carton when she made hers at home. This allows for skip counting/multiplying the 13s, 14s, and 15s. GREAT idea, Brandy! You’ll see this picture in the file download.

2) Sytrofoam vs. Cardboard Egg Cartons–salmonella can “live” in the cardboard egg cartons, so go with a styrofoam one if you can. We normally use a styrofoam one, but it got left @ CC on Monday after we skip counted the 12s with my Abecedarians. This cardboard one was improvised for the picture. ūüôā

DIY: Egg Carton Multiplication or Skip Counting Game

3 Oct

I am a visual learner. I’ve confessed it. ūüôā This means I think in¬†pictures¬†in my brain. No, I’m not weird. (right?!?!?) I’m sure some of you know exactly what I’m talking about! ha! Last year when I was teaching my sweet, little Abecedarians how to skip count the 12s, I brought egg cartons to class. We all marched around the room singing “12, 24, 36, 48,…” while we paraded our egg cartons in the air. I thought it would be a fun visual for them to see that when they buy eggs, they’re buying a dozen, or 12 eggs. If my sweet, little Abecedarians ever need to count multiple egg cartons to see how many eggs they have, they can sing and count “12, 24, 36, ….”

As we marched around the room in my CC Class, I had an epiphany! We learned the first 12 numbers of every skip counting set–1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, etc. I immediately visualized this “Egg Carton Multiplication” or “Egg Carton Skip Counting” game in my mind. I went home that afternoon and made it.

DIY Egg Carton Multiplication or Skip Counting Game

Here’s how you can make your own!¬†I’m sure you’ll have each of these supplies already at home. Don’t you love that?!?!? Also, if you have older children¬†have them assist you in making this!¬†They will be¬†even more¬†excited to use it because¬†they helped make it!

Supplies needed: 1 egg carton (number the bottom of your carton 1-12), construction paper, sharpie/marker, and ziploc bags (for storage) or go here for a FREE PRINTABLE of all the needed number tiles¬†so that you don’t have to take time to make your own!


1) Number your egg carton–Use a Sharpie or marker to number the 12 compartments in the egg carton.

Image2) Make your number tiles–I cut out 12 small squares (small enough to fit into the individual egg compartment) and 1 large square out of the same color construction paper. On the large square, I put the number that we were Skip Counting. In the example here, you’ll see the “11.”


I, then, numbered the 12 small squares–11, 22, 33, 44…up to 132. I made number tiles for the 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, etc. up to the 15s.

Side note:¬†For Skip Counting the 13s, 14s, and 15s, they memorize beyond 13×12, 14×12, and 15×12. For those 3 examples, I had my sons put the remaining tiles in order following the “12” container on the outside of the egg carton.


3) Storage–Store your Skip Counting tiles in ziploc bags. I put 4 sets in each ziploc bag and made sure that the 4 sets were different colors. This allowed me to quickly sort which numbers go with which set. I keep all of my ziploc sets in a File Folder for easy access to use during my school day.

How to use the Egg Carton Multiplication or Skip Counting Game at home

I used this game with my sons for the remaining weeks of our school year to review their Skip Counting songs. The other plus with this game is that my boys could play it independently because they could recognize their numbers. (If your child has not mastered number recognition for larger numbers, you may need to do this activity together with your child.) I always enjoy an independent, educational activity for my sons. This frees me up to do other instruction with another son while confidently, peacefully knowing that my other son is actually¬†learning something¬†(instead of running around wildly, clad only in underwear, picking his nose. This may or may not have happened in my home before….but I digress.)


For skip counting:¬†I give my sons the 12 small tiles and the egg carton. I tape the large tile with the number we’re “skip counting” onto the top of the egg carton. In the example above, we’re skip counting the “11s.” He, then, has to put the small tiles in the correct order in the egg carton.


For multiplication:¬†I would do this activity with my child to ensure that he/she is reviewing the multiplication facts. For example, you can ask your child, “What is 11×4?” He/she would find the answer and have to put the correct small tile inside the “4” compartment of the egg carton. This is also a great visual allowing him/her to see the large “11” tile, the “4” written in the egg compartment and the “44” written on the small tile. Hopefully, this is further cementing “11×4=44” into his/her brain!

I hope this is a helpful, frugal, easy-to-make resource for your home that helps your child master skip counting and multiplication!

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