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Post-Halloween goodies (Costumes, Candy & Operation Christmas Child, oh my!)

27 Oct

Pulling two other “goodies” from last year to re-post. I wanted to post early enough before Halloween so that you can be thinking strategically this week. 🙂

Read here about creative ways to use leftover Halloween candy (including my favorite–pack some of it in your Operation Christmas Child Shoebox!)

Kids-Halloween-CostumesAND…I know I’m a mother to ALL BOYS, but my boys still LOVE to dress up! They are crazy about costumes–Star Wars, Iron Man, Power Rangers, and Ninjas! One of my favorite things to do is to stock up on costumes the day after Halloween; they are perfect Christmas and birthday presents for my boys, family and friends. 🙂 Read here to learn more.

If you missed my post from earlier this week, go there now to find some GREAT books to read this week with Halloween approaching. These are great books that have helped our family be purposeful with the gospel during Halloween.

Creative ways to use leftover Halloween candy

1 Nov

My tummy is still full from the exorbitant amount of Halloween candy that I ingested last night. I’m already thinking creatively about how to get it out of the house…so that I don’t turn into an M&M from eating so many of them! Here are some ideas for you that I couldn’t wait to share!

1) Fill your Operation Christmas Child shoebox— Does your family participate in Operation Christmas Child? We do…and my boys LOVE IT! Last year, I had my boys take out all of the hard candy from their Halloween stash, and we used it for their Operation Christmas Child shoebox. On their website it says that you can put hard candy, gum, and mints in your shoebox, and it encourages you to double bag the candy. No chocolate or prone-to-melt candy in your shoebox, though. National Collection Week is November 12-19, and you can go here to find a Drop-Off location here. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Operation Christmas Child around here. If you’ve never done it, go for it this year!

2) Candy Buy Back @ your local dentistCheck with your local dentist or pediatric dentist to see if they have a Candy Buy Back program. With this program, dentists buy back unopened Halloween candy from kiddos (usually around $1/pound), and the candy is sent overseas to our troops! How wonderful! Go to Halloween Candy Buy Back’s website to find out more information. They have a GREAT dentist location feature that allows you to search for participating dentists based on your zip code. Most of the participating dentists only do this today, November 1, so call the dentist before you go to find out when the program begins and ends.

3) The Great Pumpkin-My friend Mickie told me about this fun idea. 🙂 She lets her kids pick 10 pieces of candy from their Halloween loot. The rest of their candy is bagged up and left on their porch on the night of November 1st. The Great Pumpkin comes during the night, takes their candy, and leaves the kids a special surprise thanking them for sharing the candy.

4) Treasure Box for around the house-We’re potty training around here, so much of our candy will be rewards for the potty. With homeschooling, there are certain things that my boys can do to earn treats, too. I usually keep a stash of their Halloween candy in the pantry for rewards/treats for the boys.

5) Cook with it-Some of my favorite cookies growing up were M&M cookies! Use some of the candy as “mix ins” with sugar cookie dough. Let your kids help make the cookie dough and bake the cookies with you. What a fun, quality time activity with your kiddos. Give the cookies to a new neighbor or surprise an old friend. Here are some other leftover Halloween candy recipes from Betty Crocker and Taste of Home.

Couldn’t wait to share these ideas! Hope these are helpful! 🙂

photo credit: craftcorners.com