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Friday Favorite: Veggie Mix (1 recipe=4 meals)

29 Aug

FRIDAY Favorites

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Friday Favorites post for you fine readers! You probably already detected the reality– I took the summer off from my regularly scheduled posts: What We’re Reading Wednesdays and Friday Favorites. Well, school is back in session at the Mosley Casa, so I am hoping to get back to my regularly scheduled bi-monthly posts. Today’s Friday Favorites is one that I’ve wanted to share for a while! I made a double batch of this Veggie Mix this week, so I knew it was time! Here’s today’s Friday Favorites….

Veggie Mix


This summer marks the 3rd year that we’ve participated in a CSA in our community. What is a CSA, you ask? Read more here for a long exhaustive description. My simple explanation is that we buy a “share” of a local farmer’s produce crop, and our share of the crop is delivered weekly to a local produce store. We pick our weekly stash of fruits and veggies up on Tuesdays, and it’s almost like Christmas! Each week is a surprise! We have know idea what we will be picking up each week, so it’s always exciting. 🙂 After doing this two summers prior with the same farmer, I can anticipate what items we will receive. My hypothesis of each week’s “loot” may not be accurate, but I have learned that each CSA year we will, at some point, enjoy fresh strawberries and blueberries, cabbage, tomatoes, patty pan and spaghetti squashes, and a variety of other things. It has been an adventure in the kitchen for me each summer as I have received a variety of produce that was unknown to me! Embarassingly, I had to ask the farmer’s delivery man on more than one occasion the name of several vegetables. AND, I may or may not have googled a video on How to Cut Up a Bok Choy.  But, I digress!

Each summer, though, my excitement builds around August as I know that we’ll be showered with a ton of onions, peppers tomatoes, and eggplants. When those vegetables start appearing, it is time for me to make my Veggie Mix! I originally found this recipe in Southern Living. Its appeal was the title of the article, “Five Fast Dinners Begin with One Vegetable Mix.” Hmmm…fascinating! So, I ripped out the recipe and tried it. To summarize how this recipe works, you make a base “Veggie Mix,” and you end the day with 4 frozen packages for later use (or, you can use immediately!). The original recipe came with FIVE uniquely different recipes that can be made using one package of the “Veggie Mix” base and a few more ingredients. When I read this information, I was sold. I have been making this “Veggie Mix” for at least 5 years. Clearly, it’s a “keeper.” I love that each summer I make 8-12 frozen packages of the “Veggie Mix,” and we, literally, eat on it all winter!

Today, l share my version of the “Veggie Mix” recipe, and you can visit Southern Living’s website for the original version that contains the 5 different recipes–Individual Pizzas, Greek-Style Chicken Stew, Shrimp with Rice, Beef and Vegetable Supper (aka “Spaghetti” in our house), and Black Bean Soup–to make using your “Veggie Mix” base. We have tried all of the recipes except the Individual Pizzas. When I make either of the other 4 recipes, I love that the final meal tastes entirely different than the other, unused recipes. So, you can make this mixture on Sunday afternoon and enjoy 4 different meals that week. I promise that while eating the Black Bean Soup you won’t think, “Hmmm…this tastes just like the Greek-Style Chicken Stew expect it has black beans instead of chicken.” The recipes and tastes are unique. Without further ado, here’s the recipe!

photo (35)This week’s bounty. I doubled the recipe for 8 frozen packages to enjoy this winter!


Veggie Mix (adapted from this Southern Living recipe)

1-2 onions, chopped
4 bell peppers, chopped (I use a mixture of green, yellow, red, and orange.)
1/4 cup olive or coconut oil (I use either.)
1 large eggplant, chopped
3 (14.5 oz.) cans diced tomatoes (or in the summer I use fresh tomatoes)
1/4 cup Greek seasoning (I make my own.)

1) Saute onions, peppers, and eggplant in oil 5-10 minutes, until cooked.
2) Add in tomatoes and Greek seasoning.
3) I bring to boil and then, turn down to lowest setting and simmer 15-20 minutes. This makes my house smell heavenly, so sometimes, I let it simmer a while!
4) Spoon 3 cups of Veggie Mix into freezer bag. Does this to create a total of 4 bags.
5) Freeze the 4 freezer bags of the “Veggie Mix.”  The original recipe says to freeze up to one month. Ummmmm, confession, I keep mine longer than a month in my freezer. 🙂
When you are ready to make one of the 5 recipes (Individual Pizzas, Black Bean Soup, Greek-Style Chicken Stew, Shrimp and Rice or Spaghetti) consult the original recipe for those directions. I usually pull out a ziploc bag of the “Veggie Mix” the day before I need it. I let it thaw on a plate (to avoid spills/leaks) in my fridge.

photo (32)

Aren’t these pepper beautiful?!!?

Additional hint: I pulverize my veggies! The first few times I made this recipe I chopped the peppers, onions and eggplant by hand. My sons were able to “sort through” the veggies and pick out what they didn’t like. (Awesome! Grr!) I got a little wiser and started pulverizing the veggies in my food proccessor! Now, they can’t organize the vegetables by peppers, onions and eggplant and “fish” them out to avoid eating. 🙂 I love the yumminess and healthiness that they are ingesting every time we enjoy a “Veggie Mix” recipe! Here’s a picture of what the pulverized veggies look like:


I feel so “Sneaky Chef-ish.” 🙂 🙂 Please don’t tell my boys this little secret. Let’s just keep it between us, okay?

I’m excited to share this Friday Favorite with you! If you make this “Veggie Mix,” stop back by and comment below to let me know how you like it!




Seeds Family Worship–All CDs $9.97!!!

13 Aug



ALL Seeds Family Worship cds are currently on sale for $9.97!! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Seeds! Read this previous post for an exorbitant amount of reasons WHY we adore our Seeds Family Worship cds!  Or, do not stop go, do not collect $200 and go shop ’til you drop right now!

If you are new to Seeds Family Worship, know that by ordering ONE cd, you get TWO copies of that cd! This is their “buy and share” vision! (Isn’t that marvelous!?!?!?!) So, get some birthday present or Christmas shopping done! Or, call your BFF and order a gaggle of these cds together to split shipping costs. (Because who really ADORES paying for shipping?!?!? Splitting shipping costs is what BFFs are for, ya know?!?!?)

So, enough reading, go shopping! I can’t wait for you to get God’s Word stuck in the heads and hearts of your children (and your own!) via Seeds Family Worship’s brilliant musical masterpieces!

Also, if you’re in the Nashville area like me, there is a LIVE Seeds Family Worship/What’s In the Bible? event September 5th. There are other locations this fall as well. Go here for more information and to purchase tickets.

Seeds Family Worship–15% OFF COUPON (ends 5/16)

15 May

Seeds of Character
We LOVE Seeds Family Worship cds! (You can read here to find out more about what Seeds Family Worship cds are and HOW MUCH we love them!) If you’ve been wanting to order some of these fabulous cds, you can save 15% when you use the coupon code: SPRING.

Also, Seeds CDs come with 2 cds when you buy 1 cd. They want you to keep one copy for yourself and give one away! Don’t you just love that?!?!? So, keep that in mind when you order. These cds, therefore, make GREAT gifts! Just a note that the code doesn’t work on the “Give ‘Em Seven” bundle.  The Seeds of Character cd shown above has a GREAT song that teaches all of the New Testament books of the Bible. I’m hoping, hoping, hoping, they’ll come out with one for the Old Testament books.

This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure policy here.

Book It Program: Homeschool Registration for 2014-15 is OPEN

1 May

I wrote about this last year, and I’m excited to share it again this year! Drum Roll, please! It’s time to register your kiddos for Book It!!

What is Book It, you ask?!?! The Book It Program is reading incentive program where children can earn a free Pizza Hut personal pan pizza by reading! The Book It Program is available through public and private school children, but did you know it’s also open to homeschooling families? Registration for the 2014-15 school year is OPEN as of today for homeschooling families. To register your Kindergarten through 6th grade kiddos, visit this link. This will be our 5th year to participate in Book It, and my boys love, love, love it! They love it probably just as much as their Mom did when she was a girl! Enrollment is free! You will receive your Enrollment Packet in the fall with your free Pizza Hut personal pan pizza coupons per eligible child. It always seems like the Enrollment Packet will never arrive as the fall approaches, but it always does. (Don’t panic like I usually do! ha!)

So, stop what you’re doing and register your children! As a Mom, I feel like Book It is a special treat for me, too. I always save the boys’ pizzas for lunch on a school day. It’s so nice to have one day a month “off” from being the “school lunch lady.” 🙂


HeartFELT Truths Easter Banner (& a Coupon Code!)

18 Mar


Whitney from HeartFELT Truths graciously gave our family an Easter Banner to use last year. Awwwwwwwwwww, we love it!

The Easter Banner is for use during Holy Week. Day One begins on Palm Sunday, and the Easter Banner concludes on glorious Easter Morning! For more detailed information, aka “the girl version,” read my review of the HeartFELT Easter Banner.

Here’s the finished product with all pieces on the banner:


Whitney has multiple options for her Easter Banner.

Option #1: You can download FREE instructions for her Easter Banner on this blog post (Scroll to the bottom of the post to see “Free Instructions” in a downloadable .pdf form.)

Option #2: You can order the complete Easter Banner or a DIY Easter Banner kit from her Etsy Shop. Suzanne Shares readers get 10% off when you use this coupon code (expiration: 3/27):


If you have problems with the coupon code working, mention it in the “Order Notes” box and Whitney will refund them the difference after your purchase.

I love having this wonderful resource to purposefully engage our family with Scripture during the Easter season! I’m excited to share this resource with you!

Reading Eggs–Free 5 Week Trial: Read-to-Cure Challenge

28 Jan

Our first year of homeschooling was quite unexpected. We were moving to plant a church, our house wasn’t selling, and school options whittled away to only one–homeschooling. Having never been trained as a teacher, I had no idea what I was doing. 🙂 I love learning, so my sons and I tackled it together. (Never did I anticipate loving it as much as I did and do! NO JUDGEMENT for those who school their children other ways. I know homeschooling is not for everyone, and I promise there is nothing “special” or “amazing” about me because I do. I’m sure those of you with school-agers feel the same way I do–it’s only God’s grace that gets us through schooling our children! Can I get an AMEN?!?!) One website that we stumbled upon was Reading Eggs. My oldest son, in kindergarten at the time, enjoyed doing something on the computer, and I loved that his computer time was educational. What I also loved was that I noticed an improvement in his letter recognition and reading only after a few short weeks. Now, we’ve used it with Son #2 for kindergarten last year, and Son #3 already begs to play it as well!

Reading Eggs has a fee to use their program. However, right now, you can sign up for a FREE 5 Week Trial if you are not currently a Reading Eggs user. We “test drove” Reading Eggs via a “Free Trial” as well when we first learned about it. I was thankful for the “test drive” because I hated to spend the money if my son hated it. If you’re curious to know if it would be a good fit for your family, sign up for the FREE 5 Week Trial. Reading Eggs has lessons for ages 3-13, so there is a vast expanse of lessons to navigate and explore! Another win-win for signing up for the 5 Week Trial before March 7th is that Reading Eggs is donating $1 to the National Children’s Cancer Society for every new free trial sign up! Love it!

So, sign up and give it a go! I would love to hear if your kiddos enjoy it!

Earn $ while Christmas shopping in your pjs

19 Nov

imageI got this check in the mail last month from Shop at Home–$30! Yay! Do you know you can make some cha-ching while you’re shopping online this Christmas (and the rest of the year?!?!?)

ShopAtHome Banner

SHOP AT HOMEI love Shop at Home because it allows me to do shopping at home while in my pjs and wearing no make up if I’d like. And, while I’m shopping away, I earn money for each purchase made through Shop at Home. Do you want to get paid to shop? Yes! Me, too! Shop at Home has partnerships with different retailers. By going through the Shop at Home website to a partnering retailer you earn a percentage back based on the total of your purchase. I like free money! 🙂 I am doing 95% of my Christmas shopping online because it’s convenient and I can wear my pjs and no make up, but also I do so in order to earn part of my money back from Shop at Home.

Ready to sign up for Shop at Home?!?!? If you sign up for Shop at Home through my referral link, you and I both get $5 added to our account if you make a qualifying purchase within 30 days of signing up. :) So, go sign up and refer your friends and earn more money! You will receive a check once you accumulate $20 in rewards. I love that on “My Account” page I can always see how much I’ve earned and how much more is needed to receive my $20 reward. It also clearly states when you will receive your check, so there’s no guessing.

SWAGBUCKS-I also love SwagBucks for earning money while shopping online in my pjs with no make up. 🙂 Swagbucks, essentially, is a search engine (think Google, Bing, Yahoo). When you sign up for Swagbucks, you download a Swagbucks toolbar for your internet browser. You, then, use the toolbar as your regular search engine, and you are rewarded with Swagbucks randomly as you search. On the toolbar, it shows your total number of Swagbucks. You can use your Swagbucks to purchase items in the Swag Store. They have almost any gift card imaginable in the Swag Store. My favorite gift card to buy is the $5 Amazon.com gift card, which requires 450 Swagbucks. Since I signed up for Swagbucks about 3 years ago, I’ve probably earned the $5 Amazon.com gift card 12-15 times. There are multiple ways on their website to earn more Swagbucks rapidly. If I had more time, I’d attempt some of those. However, just by my usual internet searching online–not going out of my way to do anything extra–I’m earning the Amazon gift card 4 or 5 times per year. I love free money. 🙂 Thank you, Swagbucks. 🙂 AND, once you sign up for Swagbucks, you can refer your friends and you’ll both earn Swagbucks! (See, I’m referring you, so that means I’ll earn Swagbucks based off of my referral to you.  Thanks!)

So, if you’re like me this Christmas season and doing lots of online shopping, earn part of your money back while you shop. Don’t worry–spit-up-stained, ‘holy’ t-shirts, and “au natural” make up are all acceptable wear when you Shop at Home or search via Swagbucks. 🙂

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Thanksgiving & Little Peoples–FREE Shipping code (through 11/11)

9 Nov


As we recently finished discussing Treasuring God in Our Traditions for the Suzanne Shares book club, I’ve been writing a lot about traditions! Traditions help center us on Christ, remember the goodness of God and instruct our children. With Thanksgiving upon us, we have started celebrating our Mosley Thanksgiving traditions over the last few days! YAY! Our Handprint Thankful Tree is going strong (except we didn’t get to it today. See, I’m not perfect. 🙂 We’ll do two hands tomorrow. :)), we read our favorite, favorite Thanksgiving book tonight, and our Little Peoples Thanksgiving Set is being played with fondly.

Little People Thanksgiving

Speaking of the Little Peoples Thanksgiving Set, I am EXCITED to pass along a Fisher Price coupon where you can get 20% off and FREE SHIPPING with $25 or more. Here’s the code:


You can use it to snag the Little Peoples Thanksgiving Set and/or the Little Peoples Nativity set (another favorite of ours!). These are both great pieces of our Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions.

I had some happy boys the night we got our Thanksgiving Set out for the season. Sniff, sniff. They no longer make the Little Peoples Mayflower ship. 😦 Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


Post-Halloween goodies (Costumes, Candy & Operation Christmas Child, oh my!)

27 Oct

Pulling two other “goodies” from last year to re-post. I wanted to post early enough before Halloween so that you can be thinking strategically this week. 🙂

Read here about creative ways to use leftover Halloween candy (including my favorite–pack some of it in your Operation Christmas Child Shoebox!)

Kids-Halloween-CostumesAND…I know I’m a mother to ALL BOYS, but my boys still LOVE to dress up! They are crazy about costumes–Star Wars, Iron Man, Power Rangers, and Ninjas! One of my favorite things to do is to stock up on costumes the day after Halloween; they are perfect Christmas and birthday presents for my boys, family and friends. 🙂 Read here to learn more.

If you missed my post from earlier this week, go there now to find some GREAT books to read this week with Halloween approaching. These are great books that have helped our family be purposeful with the gospel during Halloween.

TODAY (8/13) ONLY–Complete series, “Little House on the Prairie” @ Amazon

13 Aug

TODAY ONLY–Tuesday, August 13:
Little House on the Prairie: The Complete Nine-Season Set (Complete Series + Pilot Episode) is Amazon’s “Deal of the Day” selling for $86.99, as opposed to $149.99! For anyone looking for wholesome, quality television, here you go! I looked forward to Friday nights as a child because Little House on the Prairie was always on!

I know that $86.99 kinda makes me squeamish when I’m looking at our budget. However, if you’re looking to add this to your family DVD library, one idea is to purchase it now and give it as a gift to your child throughout the course of a year or two. A couple of DVDs could be a birthday present and a few more could arrive at Christmas. You could even have grandparents pitch in and pay for part of the set, and they could also give a few of the DVDs as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Thinking of it in that way makes it more feasible for our family’s budget. 🙂

This deal is today only. It will end just before midnight, so don’t miss it! And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can have it on your doorstep in 2 days. Not an Amazon Prime member? Sign-up for a FREE 30-day trial!