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Usborne Book Friday (aka Black Friday) deals–all weekend!

28 Nov


It’s a great weekend to snag some great deals on Usborne books! The Book Friday (aka Black Friday) sale began this morning at 12:01 EST and will continue through the weekend. New titles will be released on Cyber Monday at 12:01 EST.

Here are a few of books from the Book Friday sale that I couldn’t WAIT to share with you:

Winter Activity Pack

Winter Activity Pack— I got this for my sons last weekend, and it kept them handily occupied during our Thanksgiving road trip. They were so entertained with the books from the Winter Activity Pack that they never asked to play my husband’s iPhone (win-win for me!). Usborne Books-1 and Electronics-0 and…one happy momma! These are mini versions of the books, which are all $8.99-$9.99 a piece, so $12.49 is a steal!

My Christmas Tree


My Christmas Tree–Isn’t this the sweetest?!?!? This board book ties together to become a Christmas tree! Your kiddos can enjoy having a Christmas tree of their own within their room. 🙂 It comes with stickers allowing them to decorate it to suit their fancy. 🙂

Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver’s Travels, Pinocchio and Magical Animals (Books AND an Audio Cd!)–These 3 different book sets would make a fabulous gift and are only $4.99! These abridged classics come with a book and audio cd of the book! They are half price! Did I mention they are $4.99?!?! (Can you tell that I’m ecstatic about these books?!?!?) My boys love audio books, and I quickly snagged all 3 of these for them for Christmas. They love to have a book in hand and follow along with the accompanying audio cd. Reading along with a CD is a fantastic way to strengthen reading abilities and to build confidence in their ability to read. Stock up on these for birthday parties or to donate to your local or school library!

FREE SHIPPING—Yes, you read that right! The best news EVER is that when you spend $100 on your order this weekend, your shipping is free! So, go out and shop ’til you drop! 🙂 Check back on Monday, too, when the Cyber Monday book selections roll over into different books! YAHOO!

Book Friday: How A Book Entertained My Son for THREE Hours

26 Nov

William with Robot book.two William with Robot Sticker Book Son #2–This is how he spent 3, non-stop hours yesterday afternoon–reading and assembling the Usborne Build Your Own Robots sticker book! Did he ask to play the iPad or watch TV? No. Happy mommy? Yes! Usborne-1 and Electronics-0 This is our son, who enjoys being read to but rarely picks up a book on his own accord for pleasure. I am grateful for how Usborne books are cultivating within my boys a love for and of books, even my sons who who would rather be digging in the dirt all day. 🙂 1488155_898903470122234_3239623188675499238_n If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to snag a great deal on Usborne titles for your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews, Book Friday (aka Black Friday) is the perfect opportunity! Starting at 12:01AM EST on Friday, November 28, Book Friday begins, and many, many Usborne titles will be discounted up to 60% off and FREE SHIPPING on orders of $100 or more! You better believe I’m setting an alarm to wake up and shop because our family LOVES Usborne books!

Are you ready to shop? Use this special link to take you to the Book Friday sale. I’m excited for your family to have Usborne books in their hands, hearts and minds! New to Usborne and need some book recommendations? Watch some of the videos from my YouTube channel Suzanne Shares Usborne Books to ‘meet’ a few of my favorite Usborne titles. Order now and your books will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas! 🙂10671398_10204244332500286_1000311271282078700_n

Egg Carton Multiplication & Skip Counting Game (FREE printable!)

15 Sep


I thought I’d resurrect this post from the archives. This is a Multiplication/Skip Counting Egg Carton game that I came up with two years ago during our first year of CC. Read the original post for detailed instructions about creating your own game at home! I made my skip counting numbers out of construction paper. After reading my post last year, the marvelous Brandy Ferrell created a FREE PRINTABLE to share with everyone for the skip-count-cards. If you don’t feel like cutting up teeny tiny construction pieces of paper, download this free printable, “Control + P” and you’re done!

Tutors, I have used this in class to do a massive “skip counting” review during our Review Game time at the end of our CC day. I had 3 stations and a parent at each station. Each station went through 2 or 3 different skip counting numbers, and then, we rotated to the different stations.

Here are a few pictures of this inexpensive, stick in the sand game. If you are not a Classical Conversations family, read the original post and know that you can use this same game at home with your kiddos to practice and review multiplication facts. Also, here’s a FABULOUS Usborne Lift The Flap Time Tables book that is another great way to review multiplication facts! (You know how I love Usborne!)


imageEgg Carton Multiplicationimage

What We’re Reading Wednesday #6

3 Sep

What We're Reading WEDNESDAYS

Here’s the latest installment of What We’re Reading Wednesday! I hope this series is inspiring you to discover unknown books or authors to introduce to your family (or yourself!)


Duck in the Truck and Hit the Ball Duck–These are books that I was introduced to through my new Usborne business. My boys are LOVING these books with Duck, Frog, Goat, and Sheep as they get into some precarious, yet hilarious, predicaments. Jez Alborough is a new favorite author, thanks to these books!

Animal Trunk: Silly Poems To Read Aloud–I am trying to be more proactive about incorporating poetry into our literary diet. I grabbed this one by chance off the library shelf, and it has been a hit! My 4 year old and I had a pleasant, giggle-filled time reading this prose about various animals.

See Inside Your Body–This is another book that I was introduced to thanks to my new Usborne business! 🙂 We are studying the human body in Classical Conversations this year. I wanted an age-appropriate yet densely informative book to read at home with  my boys so that they could glean more details about our bodies. We have, thoroughly, enjoyed it, and the “Lift-The-Flap” component makes each page an adventure! Two thumbs up for this book from all 3 of my boys.

The Read-Aloud Handbook–“This is not a book about teaching a child how to read; it’s about teaching a child to want to read.” (p. XXI Introduction) I was introduced to this book through Usborne, whose catalog includes statistics from the book.  This book has left me speechless–Wow, just WOW! I recommend that any and all parents and educators own and read this book. The statistical data Trelease compiles will make you want to spend every minute of every day reading to your children (or at least I hope it will!). The plethora of benefits that are bestowed on children when read to by a parent or adult are astronomical.  For example, Trelease quotes a longitudinal study that found, “children who were read to at least three times a week had a significantly greater phonemic awareness when they entered kindergaren than did children who were read to less often, and…they were almost twice as likely to score in the top 25 percent in reading.” (page 9)

Do you want to read to your kiddos but don’t know where to start? This book will help! The beauty of this book is its two segments. The first division of the book is the inspirational, fact-based, oh-so-convincing treatise as to why we should read aloud. The last section of the book is page after page after page of book recommendations. Each book entry contains a short summary of the book and suggested age/grade for the target audience. Take this book with you to the library and let it introduce you to some classic, “read-it-again-Mom” books and authors. Here’s your subliminal message for today–Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. (Subliminal message is over.) I truly believe that all children can become book lovers, and no, it won’t always happen overnight and takes an investment of time from the parents. However, this is one of the greatest gifts that a parent can bestow on their child. As Trelease so eloquently writes, “the least expensive thing we can give a child outside of a hug turns out to be the most valuable: words” (page 16).

The Digital Invasion: How Technology Is Shaping You and Your Relationships–I first heard about this book over the summer when I read a blog post titled The iPad is Stealing My Son’s ChildhoodI was intrigued by the title of the blog post and had to read it. The blogger wrote the post after reading The Digital Invasion. Does any other parent have to answer this question “Can I play the iPad?” oh, about a hundred times a day?!?!? I was intrigued by the premise of The Digial Invasion and immediately added this book to my “to read” list. My reservations going into the book were that there would be lots of scare tactics and undocumented assertions about technology. I actually began reading the book with much skepticism but, in the end, resonated with the book. The authors, a psychologist and a counselor, offered much food for thought regarding the influence of technology on families and relationships. Let’s face it. We have all been in a restaurant and noticed a table nearby where all gathered ’round the table have eyes glued on phones or devices. I always look at those scenarios and tell myself, “I don’t want that to be my family. I want us to talk to one another.” The Digital Invasion left me with much to ponder about technology, my sons, and our family. The bottom line is that technology is influencing us, whether we want it to or not. The Digital Invasion was an encouragement to me to evaluate, be aware and mindful, not oblivious, of technology’s role and influence in my life and my loved one’s lives. It has been the impetus to some healthy, on-going converstations between my husband and I about our desires for our family.

Owl at Home-We are huge Arnold Lobel fans in our home! My second son is currently read this aloud to us during school time, and it is a laugh-a-minute! Lobel also wrote one of our other “Mosley favorites”–the Frog and Toad series! Introduce your kiddos to Arnold Lobel! Love, love, love his books! Here is a list of Arnold Lobel’s other books.

Pocahontas and the Strangers–We are studying American History this year…and loving it!! My oldest son is reading this book aloud, and we love the author Clyde Robert Bulla, who has written a tome of fabulous books for children. We are enjoying this Pocahontas biography. We might have to watch the Disney version and compare the movie and the book! Should be interesting! HAHA!

Pedro’s Journal: A Voyage with Christopher Columbus, August 3, 1492-February 14, 1493–This historical fiction gem is a collection of journal entries from Pedro, a young cabin boy for Christopher Columbus during his expedition with the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. This has been a fun read for us! It offers a unique perspective on the oft-told tale of Columbus and his journey “to India,” and the literary vehicle of a journal gives a personalization to this historical event that I had missed when studying it previously.

So, that’s a wrap for this week! What are YOU reading this week?!?!? Comment below to share with us!

Usborne ONLINE Book Party: Books for Classical Conversations

30 Aug

You're Invited.Usborne Party

Thanks for stopping by my Usborne ONLINE Kick-Off Party! I’ve been writing this week about some Usborne Favorites including books for Boys, Girls, “Learning to Read” & Readers, Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers. Visit those previous posts to learn about those books.

Even before becoming an Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant, Usborne books were always my BFFs as a Classical Conversations Tutor. My Usborne books were my “go to” resources when it came time for science experiments and projects. When I, personally, needed to read up on an aspect of rocks and minerals for Cycle 1, astronomy for Cycle 2 or the human body for Cycle 3, I grabbed my Usborne books. In addition to using them to “study up” so that I could dialog with my kiddos about a specific science topic, the vibrant, eye-capturing images and illustrations in my Usborne books have become my “go to” for visuals to share in class during science experiment time. It’s nice to not have to track down books at the library each week. (Been there, done that my first year as a Tutor. Took way too much time!)photo (9)

These are the books that I use the most to prepare for Science Experiments. The Internet-Linked Children’s Encyclopedia that I have is an older version of this one. (What are Internet-Linked books? How do they work? Read more here! Usborne Books created and launched these unique books in 2000! They’re amazing!) I also liked perusing through my Usborne Books of Science Activities Volume One and Volume Two (older editions shown below) because the exact experiment for class was often found in the book. I often glean additional insight into the experiment when exploring it in one of these books.

Books About the Body

Since we’re studying the Human Body for Cycle 3 this year, I am depending on this great book for use with our science experiments. I am also reading through it at home with my boys. As I have been preparing for each Cycle 3 science project, I have been blown away at God and His wisdom in how He created our bodies to work and function. I wanted  to give my sons some age-appropriate “depth” to the science facts they’re memorizing in class, so we have been using the See Inside Human Body book as extra reading at home. It seems as though my constant refrain after reading from this book is, “Wow, boys, isn’t it amazing how God perfectly created our bodies to work!” I, also, have been using the See Inside the Human Body book for visuals during the current experiments. Great news is that the Usborne Human Body Sticker book is $5 with an order of $40 or more when ordered by August 31. Can’t wait to use this with my boys!  As you’ll notice in this graphic here, Usborne actually has a whole host of books about the Human Body, and with Usborne’s commitment to make learning memorable and engaging, these books are gems! Your kiddos will love them!

You can also go to And Here We Go Mama’s post that links Cycle 3 with these Usborne books: Illustrated Dictionary of Science, The Usborne Science Encyclopedia, First Encyclopedia of the Human Body, and the See Inside the Human Body book.

Flags, World History & Time Traveler

These are some other books that my sons enjoy to go along with our CC learning at home. All things ancient world, history and geography are their loves.  Anytime my sons are recreating or imagining an event from world history, they pull out The Encyclopedia of World History or Time Traveler. Their current favorite book to use for down time at home or in the car is the Flags Sticker book. The flags are arranged by continents, so I am elated that they are having to remember that India is in Asia when they are trying to find where to place the Flag of India sticker. Speaking of the world, I am, also, personally in love (as are my boys!) with the Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas.


August 2014 Customer Special

  • The GUEST SPECIAL as you shop! Download the flier here: CustomerSpecials: August 2014  or view it in the picture above. For my CC readers, the Human Body Sticker book is on the list for $5!!! For every $40 you spend, you can chose 3 books from this month’s list. Don’t you love a sale?!?!? Also, since this is an ONLINE party, you can take advantage of the Internet Specials, too.
  • Free Shipping when you spend $75! I will reimburse you via PayPal or will snail mail a check to cover your shipping costs with a retail order of $75. You will pay for the shipping with your order, and once it is processed, I will reimburse you.

Happy Shopping! If you have any questions about a book or an order, let me know! suzanneshares AT gmail DOT com

Usborne ONLINE Book Party: Favorites for Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers

26 Aug

You're Invited.Usborne PartyThanks for stopping by to read more about Usborne Books and my ONLINE Kick-Off Party! To celebrate being a NEW Independent Consultant for Usborne Books & More, I’m having an ONLINE party! How exciting to shop ’til you drop in your pajamas and without make up! If you’ve missed my previous posts in this series, view these to find why I started selling Usborne booksBook Recommendations for Boys, Book Recommendations for Girls, and Books for “Learning to Read” and Beginning Readers.

Some of my FAVORITE books that Usborne has are for the youngest learners. Here are recommendations for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers:

Books for BabiesThere’s a Mouse About The House!–This is an interactive book with an accompanying “mouse.” The mouse goes through various slots in the book and in doing so goes about the house. Your kiddos will love putting the mouse through the hole and following his journey about the house!

Find the Duck–This is a classic of Usborne book lore. Many of their books have a hidden duck on each page. This board book allows your little one to search for the infamous Usborne duck. So fun!

Lullabies–This board book has an accompanying CD. Read the night time poems and lullabies and listen to the songs as well! Or, if you’re new to parenthood and want to learn some lullabies to sing to your kiddos, this is a great one!

Books for Toddlers

I have written about Farmyard Tales (YAY for an audio book!) You should also check out the Secrets of the Apple Tree. It is a “flashlight” book, which is amazingly unique! On each page, a question is asked of the child reading the book. To find the answer revealed, the child shines a flashlight on the back of the opposite page! I’ve never seen another book like this! LOVE IT! Or, if you prefer the beach, Secrets of the Seashore, is for you! This is another “shine-a-light” book involving seashore-themed exploration.

First Thousand Words–These little gems are available in a myriad of languages–English, French, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Latin and Russian. These are fabulous picture books to use with toddler to teach him/her new vocabulary! So, grab your little one, let him/her plop down in your lap and enjoy some quality bonding time learning new things! The other amazing trait of these books is that each non-English version is internet-linked, so you can go online and hear a native speaker pronounce each word! (Latin is not included since it is no longer a spoken language.) That’s a fabulous “freebie” of these books! Isn’t that amazing?!!? Now you know why I love Usborne, don’t you?!?!?

Books for Preschoolers

You Choose–This is another unique book! Literally, you choose answers to questions as you work your way through the book. This book is designed for parent and child to talk through together. Your eyes will feast on colorful illustrations, and your heart and soul will delight in the dialog that you have with your child as you hear more of his/heart and thoughts.

Big Books–Usborne has an entire series of “Big Books.” Big Machines, Bugs, Animals, and Sea Creatures to name a few! Besides the fascinating content, each book has fold out pages to show the actual sizes of the book’s theme: machines, animals, bugs, or tractors! So, so fun!

Muddle And Match–I’m, also, currently in love with the Muddle and Match book. Of course, we have the boy version, but there is a girl version, too. The book is sliced into segments, “muddled,” if you will. Your child can then match the various segments and create a really funny boy or girl. You might end up with a knight-pirate-cowboy. The text you read to your child changes with the pictures, so there will be some silly, silly sentences created! Get ready to have a good ol’ belly laugh with your kiddo while you read this unique, one-of-a-kind book.


August 2014 Customer Special

  • The GUEST SPECIAL as you shop! Download the flier here: CustomerSpecials: August 2014  or view it in the picture above. For my CC readers, the Human Body Sticker book is on the list for $5!!! For every $40 you spend, you can chose 3 books from this month’s list. Don’t you love a sale?!?!? Also, since this is an ONLINE party, you can take advantage of the Internet Specials, too.
  • Free Shipping when you spend $75! I will reimburse you via PayPal or will snail mail a check to cover your shipping costs with a retail order of $75. You will pay for the shipping with your order, and once it is processed, I will reimburse you.

 Happy Shopping! If you have any questions about a book or an order, let me know! suzanneshares AT gmail DOT com




Usborne ONLINE Book Party: “Learning to Read” Books, Phonics Readers, & Audio books (Oh, my!)

23 Aug

You're Invited.Usborne Party


Thanks for joining me here for my Usborne ONLINE book party. The three previous posts in this series can be viewed here, Favorite Usborne Books for Boys here, and Favorite Usborne Books for Girls here.

Here are two quotes about reading and being read to in my Usborne catalog. I love these–so inspirational!

“A child spends 900 hours a year in school and 7800 hours at home–you are their primary teacher–you play an important role in your child’s education.”

“Children who are read to at least three times a week are almost twice as likely to score in the top 25% on standardized tests than those who are read to less than three times a week.”

One of the most exciting opportunities that I’ve had as a mother is to watch our oldest two boys (and now our third son is in the beginning stages!) learn to read. Watching them read their first books left me marveling and awe-inspired. It is one of those mysterious, magical milestones in a child’s life. As a book lover, I couldn’t wait for my boys to read, but I was clueless about how to select appropriate books to help them build confidence and to strengthen their ability to read. If you are clueless as I have been in the past, another quote from my Usborne catalog to help you:

“Research shows that children who read the most, read the best.”

 So, as you encourage your child to read more, here are some fabulous “learning to read” and phonics based readers (and a couple of audio books! You know how I LOVE audio books!!!) to help them on their journey.

Very First Reading Set

Very First Reading Program–This is a 15 volume boxed set of books designed to build confidence and enjoyment as your child is learning to read. The books are designed for parents or adults to read with their children. The left page is read by the “grown up,” the right page is to be read by the child. How exciting to have a shared experience together reading with your child?!?!? Accompanying the set is a 24-page parent guide that walks you through how to use this program. I will be buying this set to use with our youngest son who is in the first stages of learning how to read. I can already envision us sitting on the couch, him in my lap reading through these books together. Not only will he be learning to read, but we will be making memories together.

First Reading Box Set

Usborne First Reading Program-This 10 volume box set includes books from Level 1, 2, 3, and 4. These leveled readers are designed for children who are new readers with the goal of  increasing your child’s fluency. As your child progresses through each level, new aspects of language and vocabulary will be introduced. This set also includes a Parent’s Guide to instruct the parents in how to use these books and to help your child builds confidence and skill as a reader. I love Usborne’s philosophy of training parents to work with their children who are learning to read. This practical information is extremely helpful to us, right parents?!?!?

Ted & Friends

Ted and Friends: Phonics Readers (and audio book!) –This hardback book includes 12 books in the Usborne Phonics Readers series, and an audio cd with each story’s text is included! Your child will flourish and gain confidence as he/she reads along while listening to the audio cd. Each story was created and written under the advisement of a language expert in order to help your child learn to read. Some of the titles are: Fat Cat on a Mat, Big Pig on A Dig (we have this one and love it!!!), Hen’s Pens.

Cow Takes a Bow Combined Volume

Cow Takes A Bow and Other Tales (Combined Volume–saves you $$)–Usborne sells Combined Volumes of certain books. This means that the Combined Volume is a compilation of multiple books within the same series. Cow Takes a Bow and Other Tales is a collection of six books from the Usborne Phonics Readers. The advantage of buying the Combined Volume is that you save $$. This book is hardback and costs $14.99 for 6 books. One of the books included in this Combined Volume, Bee Makes Tea, when bought alone is $14.99 for hardback. Buy the Combined Volume and save $75 (or think of it as Buy 1, get 5 free!).

Usborne Readers with cds

The Little Book of Train Stories, The Usborne Book of Bible Stories, and The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales (all with CDs!!!)–These great books are FABULOUS for kiddos learning to read. First, they each have an accompanying audio cd that covers each story within the book. Your child can listen to the cd and follow along in the book at the same time. This will help develop word recognition. (Yipee!! I LOVE Audio Books!!) Another AMAZING component of these three books is that there are two lines of text on each page. One line of text is for beginning readers, and the second line of text is for more advanced readers.  How about THAT for building confidence for readers in your home?!?!

Plus, these books are amazingly priced–$8.99 for Train Stories (includes 4 books compiled in 1 hardback format with accompanying audio cd) and the Bible Stories (13 books compiled in 1 in hardback plus the cd) & Farmyard Tales (2o books compiled in 1 hardback plust the cd) are both $24.99. An average price for an audiobook without the accompanying book is $15-$20. These 3 include the book and the audiobook! Such a great deal!

I hope these will be helpful recommendations for your family as your kiddos begin the awesome journey of learning to read! Now, it’s time to ORDER!


August 2014 Customer Special

  • The GUEST SPECIAL as you shop! Download the flier here: CustomerSpecials: August 2014  or view it in the picture above. For my CC readers, the Human Body Sticker book is on the list for $5!!! For every $40 you spend, you can chose 3 books from this month’s list. Don’t you love a sale?!?!? Also, since this is an ONLINE party, you can take advantage of the Internet Specials, too.
  • Free Shipping when you spend $75! I will reimburse you via PayPal or will snail mail a check to cover your shipping costs with a retail order of $75. You will pay for the shipping with your order, and once it is processed, I will reimburse you.

 Happy Shopping! If you have any questions about a book or an order, let me know! suzanneshares AT gmail DOT com

Usborne ONLINE Book Party: Favorites for GIRLS

22 Aug

You're Invited.Usborne Party

As I shared yesterday, I’m a very new Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant! To celebrate I’m having an Usborne Book Catalog (and ONLINE!) Kick-Off Party! Running concurrent to my party will be blog posts featuring a myriad of Usborne products! This is my 2nd featured product post. If you missed the previous post, featuring books for BOYS, you will find it here.Usborne girls 5

These quality books I received in my Consultant Kit. These are only three of an abundance of Usborne books and activities geared for girls. Since I have no little girls running around our home, I do not have many of these on hand to show you via photographs. Thankfully, you can peruse these other girl-themed books online and shop ’til you drop!

Usborne girls 3

The Usborne Book of Drawing, Doodling, and Coloring–Isn’t this the delight of young girls–drawing, doodling, and coloring?!?! I would’ve thoroughly enjoyed this book as a young whippersnapper. Each page is complete with various images to color or complete a drawing. A book that encourages creativity and imagination?!?! I’ll take it! These would be great “rest time” books in the afternoons or evenings or helpful for young ones during church. The book shown in the picture here is the “generic” edition, but there is a specific Drawing, Doodling, and Coloring for Girls.

Usborne girls 2

Sticker Dolly Dressing Princesses–Princesses, stickers and dolls. What more can I say?!!? The title sums it up beautifully, and the little girl in your life will love this!

Usborne girls 1

Did you realize that sticker books are oh-so-fabulous for promoting and cultivating cognitive and motor skill development? When a child matches stickers to their designated spots, they are learning the cognitive skills of association and reasoning. Peeling and pulling a sticker off a page and placing it in a specific location results in fine motor skill development. Did you realize that a sticker book is strengthening muscles in fingers, which is preparing a child to write and draw?!?! You’ll never look at a sticker book the same, will you?

Usborne girls 4

Usborne Lots of Things to Spot at School–This a fabulous “combo” of the classic Usborne “Things to Spot” books and Usborne Sticker books. This book is filled with “look and find” school-themed pages (a Science day, on the playground, etc.), but the last segment of the book has stickers to use in the book as well!  “Things to Spot” + Stickers= a book that will entertain for hours!

Looking for additional girls books? Check out these….

Usborne Favorites.Girls


  • Are you ready to order? Go here to the online show to place your order and have it shipped to your home!
  • The GUEST SPECIAL as you shop! Download the flier here: CustomerSpecials: August 2014  For my CC readers, the Human Body Sticker book is on the list for $5!!! For every $40 you spend, you can chose 3 books from this month’s list. Don’t you love a sale?!?!? Also, since this is an ONLINE party, you can take advantage of the Internet Specials, too.
  • Free Shipping when you spend $75! I will reimburse you via PayPal or snail mail a check to cover your shipping costs with a retail order of $75. You will pay for the shipping with your order, and once it is processed, I will reimburse you.

Usborne Online Book Party: Favorites for BOYS

22 Aug

As I posted yesterday, I am excited to announce that I am now an Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant! To celebrate, I am having an Online Kick-Off Party! Over the next few days, I want to highlight an array of Usborne products for those of you who are new to Usborne.

for Boys 4

As a mother to 3 sons, I thought it would be appropriate to share a few Usborne books that my sons have been enjoying from my Consultant Kit.

for Boys 2

Special Forces–This book has caused many fights since it arrived in our home. No, the material covered in the book has not inspired this drama; it’s been inspired by the fact that we only have one copy of this book! Each son is eager to be reading it alone, all the time, without 2 brothers peering over the book. 🙂 This gives you a glimpse of its quality! This book goes into great detail about the elite special forces in various branches of military. The book’s content is totally engrossing to my sons. My heart always melts when I see them lost in a book! The Special Forces book is one of several in a series called the Discovery Adventure Collection. There is Collection #1 and Collection #2. These collections include books entitled Spying, Helicopters, Tanks, and Submarines. Certainly, these are a boy’s dream! Do you have a male reluctant reader? These might just do the trick! 🙂

for Boys 1

1001 Pirate Things to Spot–This book is oh-so-fabulous! My boys will sit still (yes, that is possible!) and work through this book again and again and again! Each section of the book is a two page picture equipped with random “pirate” things to spot. The items and number of each item are listed around the page’s edge. It’s hide-and-seek in a book. When we first received this book, our oldest son was around 4. He and I would sit together and work through the various pages. I have precious memories of the two of us cuddled up together looking for all-things-pirate. I don’t recall the specific items we scoured the pages for, yet I remember the most important thing about this book. It enabled me to have an enormous amount of one-on-one time with my son. In our fast-paced, ha-rem ska-rem society, I am grateful that Usborne books allow me to carve out time with my kiddos.for boys 3

1000 Things That Go–I received this book in my Consultant Kit, and I gave it a quick look over. As I filed it onto my bookshelf, I filed it into my brain as “too young” but a great book for boys. Well, earlier this week I had the privilege of taking FIVE (yes, you read that correctly!) boys on a field trip this week. We had a half hour drive to the location, so I grabbed this book and Lots Of Things to Spot at School. The boys were 4.5, two 7 year olds and two 9 year olds. My perception that this book was too “juvenile” for these ages was way off the mark! I loved the conversations with the boys that I was overhearing. “Wow, look at that hydroplane!” and “Can you believe the autorickshaw?” Page, after page, after page of vehicles was fodder for an exchange of words between this gaggle of boys in my van. The boys were having a conversation; they weren’t zoned out, glazed over and transfixed on an electronic device. They were having real, actual discussion and dialog together. Music to this Momma’s ears. This is what Usborne books are doing in our family, and I’m loving it!

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Suzanne Shares…Usborne Books!

21 Aug

Book love

If you haven’t noticed with my plethora of posts regarding books, I love books…really, really, really love books! One of my favorite aspects of a good book is that it transports me to another place or era, or it totally transforms me into another person or creature. As I am visiting a secret hiding place, The Angels Den, during World War II, peering in on the life of a young Native American girl intrigued by palefaces, or imagining what it’s like to eat one apple, two pears, three plums, four strawberries, oranges, cake, ice cream, pie and a lollipop, a book has given me entrance into a myriad of places, thoughts, feelings that I never experienced previously. Endless possibilities and never before experienced journeys all come to fruition, perhaps not IRL (in real life) but via a good book.

I have always found enjoyment through reading. As we welcomed one, two, three sons into our family, one of my greatest delights is the shared experience created and memorialized through books. I have written about a vast quantity of those books and even shared one of my favorite resources for finding classic children’s literature.

I Love Usborne

I am excited to share today that I have another means of sharing fabulous children’s literature with you–Usborne books! I have recently become an Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant because, honestly, I just love books and was eager to share Usborne books with my sons!


Two of the greatest gifts my sons received have been Usborne books. A dear friend gave our second son Farmyard Tales First Word book when he was born, and we gobbled it up! We loved going through each page to find the various objects, including the duck, hidden on each page. Our oldest son, during his “Pirate” stage, received 1001 Pirate Things to Spot from his grandparents (Thanks, Mimi and Pop!), and he and I spent hours counting hidden cutlasses, Jolly Roger flags and parrots. Both books were my introduction to Usborne books, and I was immediately smitten! A few years later when we began homeschooling, our Sonlight curriculum introduced us to rich Usborne history texts like Time Travelers, The Usborne Children’s Internet-Linked Encyclopedia, Greek Myths and  The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History. Even four years after completing that curriculum, these are the books that my sons still pull off the shelf to lose themselves in when their imaginations take them to past centuries.

Therefore, when given the opportunity to share my great love of Usborne books with others, it was a no-brainer for me. I am elated to be a new Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant and look forward to sharing my love for Usborne books with you and your family! To celebrate, I am having an Online/Catalog Kick Off party! If you, too, love Usborne books and have been eager to purchase some for your children, grandchildren or friends, now is the perfect opportunity! Go here to view my online Usborne store and shop, shop, shop, shop!

Picture of Human Body Sticker Book - IR

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Over the new few days to coincide with my Usborne Kick Off party, I will be highlighting various Usborne books and products to introduce you to some Usborne gems! 🙂 So, come on back! I’M SO EXCITED!!!