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Cycle 1 Week 13: History, Math & Latin Resources

6 Jan

Hello, CC friends! Can’t believe we’re halfway through Cycle 1. It’s been a great journey for our family so far! We’re gearing up for the next semester!

History-Kush resources

  • Story of the World-We’ll do some reading about Kush, probably continuing in Story of the World. I bought the Audiobooks for Volume 1 and Volume 2 over Christmas with the help of an Amazon giftcard from Swagbucks! My boys love them, and I’m excited that they can listen to them independently. Or, we can all listen to them together. Either way, this frees me up some, and I can just be a learner with them. šŸ™‚ Here are the match ups for Story of the World and Cycle 1.
  • Books & a Documentary–

Here are some books about Ancient Kush. Check your local library as well. Remember that books at your library may be listed under the alternate spelling “Cush.”

Lost Kingdoms of Africa (Season 1, Episode 1): NubiaWe’reĀ Amazon Prime members at our casa. We love, love, love it! One of the perks of Amazon Prime is instant streaming of movies, including documentaries! I thought I’d search to see if they had any FREE documentaries about Kush, and they did! If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can watch this 53 minute documentary FREE! My boys have really enjoyed the documentaries that we watched last semester that coincided with the Memory Work.

  • Online resources: This is a helpful website that is kid-friendly and kid-focused with information about Kush. It explains their lives as miners of precious metals like gold and iron and traders of these valuable resources. Wikipedia always is a good online resource to peruse as well. Here’s their info on Kush.
  • Kush and the Bible: In the Bible, there are many references to Kush (spelled “Cush” in most versions). Noah’s grandson was named Cush (Genesis 10:6). Clearly, Cush’s decendents are those who grew into the civilization of Cush/Kush. Don’t you love to see how our CC History Statements connect with Scripture?!?!?

Math: Liquid Equivalents

If you’ve never seen the “Mr. Gallon” activity, it’s a great one! Use cups, pints, quarts and a gallon to construct Mr. Gallon man. Click on the picture above or hereĀ to see how a classroom used Mr. Gallon. Or, this website has a great lesson plan and and this one has a Ā template that you can print out and assemble if you don’t want to make your own. (Why DIY when you can print itĀ out!??! That’s always my motto!)

1666 Gallon man

This image above is another great illustration for teaching the liquid equivalents, and it only requires pen and paper! See this website for an explanation of how to teach it.

Liquid Equivalent Activity

I developed this image to use in my Abecedarian class as a visual and kinesthetic activity (we’ll assemble this as we’re singing the Memory Work). You can download the file here:Ā Liquid Equivalents Activity

Latin Noun Cases Matching Games.Latin: Noun Cases Games Packet

I developed the Latin Noun Cases Games Packet as a resource to use in my Abecedarians class and for the parents of the kiddos in my class. šŸ™‚ There are 5 different resources in this packet that you can use at home to reinforce and review the Latin Noun Cases that we’ve learned in Cycle 1 of CC. The first set (shown in the image above) will be used with my kiddos in class because most of them are non-readers. They can use the visual image to match the Latin Noun Case with its English equivalent. The next 2 sets can be used in a variety of ways: Memory, Cut & Paste activity, or tape them randomly to the wall–have the children find all 10 and pair them up. The last 2 worksheets in the packet are for “writers.” They have a Word Bank and have to write the correct answer in the blank. I made 2 different ones. Tutors or parents could use one during Week 13 and the second one during Week 14. The Latin Noun Cases repeat in Weeks 13 and 14. You can download the file here: Latin Noun Cases Games Packet

Happy Week 13! I’ll be posting Science Week 13 resources this week as well! Keep your eyes peeled for those! Better yet, subscribe to my blog and don’t miss a single post! šŸ™‚

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