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Cycle 1 Week 7: Science, Latin, History Statement helps & resources

31 Oct

Here are some resources for Week 7. Hope they’re helpful! 🙂 Enjoy! If you missed my Ancient India resources from earlier in the week, you’ll find them here.

Science-How Do Animals Reproduce?
I made the file below and we used them in class as “flashcards.” As we sang the song, 4 children were in the front of the class, and they would hold up the appropriate flashcard. This could easily be done at home. 🙂 I cut out the pictures and mounted them on construction paper for durability. In class we sang “How do animals reproduce?” to the tune of “Happy Birthday.”

Download the Animal Reproduction Flashcards

Here’s a GREAT power point by Crecia at CCing it One Day At a Time. She created a “guessing game” showing different animals, and the children have to guess which form of reproduction they used. On one slide and the following slide shows which form of Animal Reproduction used. AND…it’s kid-friendly, which is always a plus when we’re dealing with the topic of reproduction and talking with our children. 🙂

A Nest Full of Eggs: Let’s Read and Find Out Science series (Priscilla Belz Jenkins): I got this book at a used bookstore and have been wanting a good excuse to use it. 🙂 I LOVE this series of science-focused books! As we continue through Science this year, I’m sure there’s a corresponding book for each week’s New Grammar. It would definitely be worth researching. 🙂 We have From Seed to Pumpkin that we’re going to use in a few weeks as we delve more into seeds and plants. 🙂

This is a fun You Tube video of a chicken hatching. Here’s another You Tube of a baby Robin hatching from its egg. This would be a great one to view after reading “A Nest Full of Eggs” since the Robin is the featured bird in the book. 🙂

History Statement
For my Abecedarians this week, I used hand motions for our History Statement since it was a rather long one. 🙂 Most of the hand motions we had already used learning our Timeline. I love when the hand motions repeat, and the children are able to see that the History Statement is also a part of the Timeline! Here are the hand motions I used:

Hinduism: Sign from Timeline song for “Hinduisum”

Founded: Sign from Timeline song for “Founded”

One: hold up 1 finger

Divided: Sign from Timeline song for “Divided”

 Castes: Pretend to have a broken arm with a CAST

Founded: Sign from Timeline song for “Founded”

Buddhism: ASL sign for letter B

Siddartha: Hold hands like praying

Enlightened One: hold up 1 finger

I have continued making the Latin picture pronunciation worksheets for my Abecedarians. I feel like this helps them with pronunciation and also helps my visual learners (like myself!). Click here to download the Latin 3rd Declension Pronunciation Guide Here are pictures of what they look like:

Latin 3rd Declension Singular

Latin 3rd Declension PluralYou can put these in page protectors and have the children trace the letters. Or, you can cut them up and have them match which Noun Case they correspond to. (Nominative: Singular-Various, Plural-es, etc.)

Cycle 1, Week 7 Books about India & a missionary biography!

29 Oct

India/Hinduisum books

Story of the World: There’s a chapter on Hinduism in SOTW Volume 1 (chapter 30). The book is currently 40% off at Amazon! It’s one of our favorites! You can also buy Audio CDs for Story of the World. 🙂 Save your voice, and let your kiddos listen to the chapters during afternoon Rest Time! SOTW Volume 1 Audiobook CDs are currently 35% off at Amazon!

Ancient India Tales: I found some GREAT books about Ancient Indian tales and folk stories at our library. My boys thoroughly enjoyed the Greek Myths and Roman Myths, so I thought it would be fun to read some from Ancient India. I had not found many books listed on other CC blogs, so I was expecting NOTHING when I went to the library. I actually hit the jackpot!! Here are some of the ones I found below.

The Elephant’s Friend and other Tales from Ancient India (Marcia Williams)

Once A Mouse…(Marcia Brown)-The pictures  in the book are amazing! They’re actually woodcut illustrations. WOW! It’s also a Calcedott Medal winner. AND…it’s one of the “4 for 3” books with Amazon, which allows you to the 4th book free when buying 3 participating books. That’s how I scored my FAVORITE Burgess Animal books (YAY!!!) Rama and the Demon King (Jessica Souhami)-Another beautifully illustrated book! Also, another “4 for 3” book with Amazon! My boys laughed out loud when we read this. It is the retelling of an ancient Hindu tale.Kingdoms and Empires (Carson-Dellosa Publishing)- I had never heard of this series, “History of the World,” but I found this at the library as well. It’s a 6-volume set that journeys through World History. I’m excited about this one (volume 2) because it covers much of what we’ve been learning in the timeline–Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome…and several others that I’ve found LIMITED resources for–Ancient India, Persian Empire, Chinese Dynasties, Ancient Japan. Hopefully, it will be a great resource. We’ll see!

One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale (by Demi)-The illustrations in this book are truly stricking.This is the story of a greedy Raja who hordes rice and fails to share with the villagers in the midst of a famine. He is outsmarted when a peasant girl from the village, rewarded for her kind actions on the Raja’s behalf, asks for one grain of rice on Day 1 and the grain of rice to be doubled the following 29 days.

The Story of Little Babaji (Helen Bannerman)-This is a story of Babaji, a little boy growing up in India. He ventures off to the jungle wearing new clothes, and the tigers of the jungle  talk him out of his new clothes. 🙂 I love the illustrations, accurately depicting the images that are still cemented into my mind from my travels there a decade ago

Manu and the Talking Fish (Roberta Arenson)-This story is about an Indian prince named Manu. Manu rescues a fish, who is actually the Hindu god, Brahma in disguise, and the fish, in turn, offers to help Manu. The fish helps Manu prepare for a flood that is coming and that will destroy the earth. This is the Ancient Indian version of the flood account, which we, Christians, know from the life of Noah in the Bible. The hardcover edition is currently 60% off at Amazon.

Missonary Biography:

Amy Carmichael: Rescuer of Precious Gems (Janet & Geoff Benge)-
If you’re unfamiliar with the Christian Heroes: Then and Now series, please, please, please introduce your children to it! I was first introduced to the series last year with Sonlight. I read aloud their book about George Muller; literally everyday, my boys BEGGED “Next chapter, please! Next chapter, please,” when we read this. They have books on many well-known missionaries and Christians from the past: David Livingstone, Corrie Ten Boom, William Taylor, Eric Liddell, C.S. Lewis. I was so excited to read on Melody’s blog, And Here We Go, (one of my FAVORITE CC blogs!!!) that she was using our study of India as a time to learn about Amy Carmichael. What a brilliant idea! She actually made a list of Christian Heroes/Missionaries to correspond with all of Cycle 1–yay!

Amy Carmichael was a missionary to India in the last 1800s/early 1900s. She served in India 55 years and worked tirelessly on behalf of young girls sent to serve in Hindu temples or forced into prostitution. (Did I mention that she was single?!?!) She also worked against India’s caste system. I can’t wait to read this book to my boys! It will create the opportunity for wonderful conversations about India’s caste system, Hinduism, and missionary life. I have been to India twice and experienced the caste system and Hinduism. There is a Christian presence in India, but it is definitely in the minority, so this will be a great opportunity to talk and pray together with my boys that the gospel may go forth in a spiritually dark place.

The Christian Heroes: Then and Now series also has one about the life of Jim Elliot, who was another missionary serving in South America. His name may sound familiar if you’ve been listening to the CC Timeline song! He and his wife, Elisabeth, are one of the CC Timeline cards! We’ll be reading that book in the Spring! All of the Christian Heroes: Then and Now series books are a part of Amazon’s “4 for 3” book promotion! Go buy 3 of these, and you’ll get the 4th free–making them only $6.50/each!

A friend mentioned the Torchlighters series to me when we were learning about Eric Liddell
this summer. This series also has a book and a movie about Amy Carmichael. You can watch the Torchlighters’ Amy Carmichael movie online through Amazon Instant Movie Downloads, and Torchlighters website has free resources on their website to go with the movie.

I hope these are helpful books as we focus on Ancient India the next 2 weeks in CC!