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Egg Carton Multiplication & Skip Counting Game (FREE printable!)

15 Sep


I thought I’d resurrect this post from the archives. This is a Multiplication/Skip Counting Egg Carton game that I came up with two years ago during our first year of CC. Read the original post for detailed instructions about creating your own game at home! I made my skip counting numbers out of construction paper. After reading my post last year, the marvelous Brandy Ferrell created a FREE PRINTABLE to share with everyone for theĀ skip-count-cards. If you don’t feel like cutting up teeny tiny construction pieces of paper, download this free printable, “Control + P” and you’re done!

Tutors, I have used this in class to do a massive “skip counting” review during our Review Game time at the end of our CC day. I had 3 stations and a parent at each station. Each station went through 2 or 3 different skip counting numbers, and then, we rotated to the different stations.

Here are a few pictures of this inexpensive, stick in the sand game. If you are not a Classical Conversations family, read the original post and know that you can use this same game at home with your kiddos to practice and review multiplication facts. Also, here’s a FABULOUS Usborne Lift The Flap Time Tables book that is another great way to review multiplication facts! (You know how I love Usborne!)


imageEgg Carton Multiplicationimage

Math Laws (W21-W24)-printables

24 Mar

Math Laws

I tried a puzzle with my Abecedarians last week with The Associative Law. It worked okay, but it wasn’t my favorite. I liked the idea of having them trace the letters while we chanted the laws. So, this is my new approach with the Math Laws these last 3 weeks. In the spirit of SHARING (you know how I love to!), here’s the printable for you to download:Ā Math Laws.W21 to W24

I’m planning to run the 4 pages front and back and then laminating the 2 individual pages. The children can then trace and chant, erase and chant, and repeat! Math’s done now for the rest of the year! YAY! šŸ™‚